Step 17: Icing the cake: fondant

Once you have done the marzipan layer, the fondant layer can be applied in exactly the same way.

Knead some fondant until smooth, and roll it out. Apply a light coat of water to the marzipan to give the fondant something to stick to. Press the icing onto the cake and around the edges, then rub over the smoother or the flat of your hand to smooth it out. Trim off the excess icing with a sharp knife, and smooth out any remaining bumps.
You almost make me cry! I can't believe you put fondant on the top of a layer of marzipan. Marzipan taste like heaven, and fondant do not! (I am not going to use any bad words here, but I've never understood why fondant is so popular except for the looks).
In Norway we only use marzipan to cover the cake, and it both looks good and taste great!
Your cakes look amazing. Great job, but again, please do not waste marzipan like that :-(