Step 20: Assembly

Once the flowers are made and the cakes are covered the whole thing can be assembled. Even if you are transporting the cake to another venue and assembling it there, it is best to do a dry run first to check how everything will look. Start by wrapping a length of ribbon around the edge of the board and the bottom of each tier. Secure the ribbon to the board with a couple of pins, and to thecakle with some edible glue or royal icing. This instantly neatens up any dodgy edges.

For the top posy, trim some of the flower stems quite short, and insert them into the posy pick. Arrange five of them in a circle, and stick one upright in the middle to cover the top. Arranging flowers is mostly down to patience and a delicate touch. Just keep adjusting the placement until you have something you are happy with.

To get the positioning of the other flowers right, carefully place your top tier on top of your base tier. Unless it's been incredibly humid, the overnight drying time should have made the tiers safe to handle without messing up thier smooth surfaces too much. Any small marks can be rubbed out, or covered with flowers or a little imaginative piping.

Position the top tier centrally on the base tier, and decide where you want your side flowers. Insert a posy pick into each place and push the stems of the flowers into a pick. Adjust the positioning until you're happy.

You might find that with all the small adjustments, some of the red colouring has rubbed off onto the white cake surface. This can be cleaned off by brushing on a little clear alchohol, such as vodka, and wiping it away.

Once the flowers are arranged and the cake is clean, you're done! Take a picture and feel proud.

If you are transporting the cake to another venue, separate the tiers again and put each in a cake box with plenty of tissue paper for cushioning on the journey. Restack the cake once at the venue, with some royal icing between the tiers to keep the strcture secure.
your poppies are gorgeous! have you ever tried these:<br>http://sunflowersugarartusa.com/Poppy-Cutter-FV-003.htm?categoryId=-1<br>http://sunflowersugarartusa.com/Poppy-Leaf-Cutter-L-030.htm?categoryId=-1<br><br>i used them for a baroque wedding cake i made a few months ago. it was a four-tiered rectangular cake (each stack placed at different angles atop one another) and was covered in fondant painted in gold/red stripes. then i placed the poppies around the corners of the tiers. they weren't as vivid as yours though :( - ill try making them with red gumpaste/fondant next time.
Great detailed instructions, and those poppies are absolutely stunning!<br><a href="http://www.ofdconsulting.com/wedding-marketing.html" rel="nofollow">wedding marketing</a><br><br>
You almost make me cry! I can't believe you put fondant on the top of a layer of marzipan. Marzipan taste like heaven, and fondant do not! (I am not going to use any bad words here, but I've never understood why fondant is so popular except for the looks).<br>In Norway we only use marzipan to cover the cake, and it both looks good and taste great!<br>Your cakes look amazing. Great job, but again, please do not waste marzipan like that :-(
Most concise instructions ever! Brilliant poppies.
Those red poppies are GORGEOUS! I haven't gotten married yet and don't know when it will be but I definitely want these poppies topping my wedding cake. If not the wedding cake then a very elegant birthday cake, Thank you for the instructable! Cannot wait to try this out!

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