Step 7: Making Poppies: Stamens

While the seedheads are drying you can start work on the stamens. These tend to come in bunches of around 100. Divide these into smaller groups of about ten. Take one group, make sure the heads are roughly level, and brush the middle and up to a centimetre from each end with edible glues Squeeze the stamen threads together to bind them, and let dry. Do this with each small group.

Once dry cut each group in half, and trim so that when placed at the base of seedhead the stamens protrude a little over the top.

Now you can attach the stamens. At this point edible glue will probably not be strong enough, so use some high tack non toxic glue such as PVA. For each seedhead you will need four or five small stamen bunches arranged evenly around the head. Glue the stamens to the base of the seed head, squeezing the end tight to the base and the wire to make them stick.

Leave to dry.
your poppies are gorgeous! have you ever tried these:<br>http://sunflowersugarartusa.com/Poppy-Cutter-FV-003.htm?categoryId=-1<br>http://sunflowersugarartusa.com/Poppy-Leaf-Cutter-L-030.htm?categoryId=-1<br><br>i used them for a baroque wedding cake i made a few months ago. it was a four-tiered rectangular cake (each stack placed at different angles atop one another) and was covered in fondant painted in gold/red stripes. then i placed the poppies around the corners of the tiers. they weren't as vivid as yours though :( - ill try making them with red gumpaste/fondant next time.
Great detailed instructions, and those poppies are absolutely stunning!<br><a href="http://www.ofdconsulting.com/wedding-marketing.html" rel="nofollow">wedding marketing</a><br><br>
You almost make me cry! I can't believe you put fondant on the top of a layer of marzipan. Marzipan taste like heaven, and fondant do not! (I am not going to use any bad words here, but I've never understood why fondant is so popular except for the looks).<br>In Norway we only use marzipan to cover the cake, and it both looks good and taste great!<br>Your cakes look amazing. Great job, but again, please do not waste marzipan like that :-(
Most concise instructions ever! Brilliant poppies.
Those red poppies are GORGEOUS! I haven't gotten married yet and don't know when it will be but I definitely want these poppies topping my wedding cake. If not the wedding cake then a very elegant birthday cake, Thank you for the instructable! Cannot wait to try this out!

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