Picture of Making a white board animation
1. To make a white bored animation you'll need a white bored, white bored markers , web cam, web cam clamp and a computer with stop motion pro v7.
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Step 1: Setting up

Picture of setting up
1.Set your web cam up above the white bored so its looking down on to the white bored and don't forget to plug web cam in computer

2. On the computer open stop motion pro v7 if you have it.

Step 2: How to make a stop motion

Picture of how to make a stop motion
1. To create the stop motion first you draw something you want to animate for example a stick man.

2. first you draw a stick man and take a picture every time you make his leg move

3. To make him look like hes moving erase his leg and draw it back in but slightly bent making it look like the stick man is walking.

There is a video to show what it would look like after taking all the pictures.

Step 3: What it could look like

If you have everything to make a stop motion and lots of time you can make really good stop motion.

This is one of mine that i did it took a lot of time and a lot of erasing the stick man.

MayaL4 months ago

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poofrabbit3 years ago
Very nice job! I laughed when your stick man fell into the circus tent. Well done!
macwhiz3 years ago
2 questions, Can I use this software with a DSLR? and is there a mac version?
andrewsnow (author)  macwhiz3 years ago
Yes you can use a DSLR with the software.

To answer your question about the mac here is a link to the stopmotion website.