Making an Android for Less Than 30$





Introduction: Making an Android for Less Than 30$

this android can talk,can listen,and with some tuning with a voice recognizer software, it will open and close many different application.You can make an infinity of cool desing

You need a:
Web cam 7$
Microphone 1$
speakers 1$
LED light 50 cents
sensitive light 50 cents
Small LCD screen 18 $
styrofoam head 1 $

Step 1: First : Cut 1/4 of Your Styrofoam Head.

and make hole for different part (gadget,webcam,speakers,mic)of your android .Just pass the wires in the neck .Use glue for sticking your part inside.

Step 2: Give Life

make sur all the wires is togeter and tape it with some tape.Glued at the base for a good fix.

Step 3: Make a Cool Design

now with a simple watercolor paint make your own design.
But you can put more gadget like .USB hub,floppy disk drive,card reader,etc,

Step 4: Now Tune Up Your Head With Some Voice Recognizer

Now tune up your head with some voice recognizer software (like HAL).
And make cool interface for your Small lcd screen.
email alert
music jukebox

Enjoy !
Good hollidays Loup226



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    Hello can you please say to which device are connections made to? and moreover LCD wire connector doesn't go through the android.

    Ooooh, I might have to try making this. I can just imagine my friends' reactions!

    This is a fantastic project, I have most of the parts list available, i was wondering if i could use the lcd screen from one of my dead cellphones for this as well or would i need a different type of lcd? would love to have more detailed instructions available too if there's a link to a more detailed instructable out there can you post it?

    It's so awesome! I was laughing when I played the youtube video. Good job! Must have taken you long to do that android

    what's the webcam for anyway?

    the staples make it look like frankenstien's monster

    Would you consider the styrofoam head necessary? Also very good I liked this.

    can you provide more details

    Only one thing crossed my mind when I saw this. Dekker will merge with V'Ger?

    If you have windows Vista you may already have it. simply enter "voice recognition" in the search bar in the start menu. It functions okay. It does need to say "what are you doing Dave? and then start singing Daisy, Daisy whenever you shut down the computer though. >_

    the daisy part is a given and no I don't have vista

    P.S. that was about speak reconize

    try <a rel="nofollow" href="">this</a>this<br/>or try : <a rel="nofollow" href="">this</a>this<br/><br/>gr.<br/>

    Nice instructable tho

    what is a free voice recognition software for windows xp (sp2)?

    aim going to make mine look like Hal 9000 from 2001 a space odyssey

    use broken portable dvd 3.5 inch lcd screen