First it is best to know what size (l+w, mb) avatar the website will allow otherwise your final choice may be in vain
and you don't have to stick with a still you use a GIF if you are permitted; some websites won't tolerate it or even has a list things you must do before your allowed
My question to you is what do you want? If you do not know, your search may be a bit longer
it is best to see all options in this tutional as you may change your mind how you go about finding one

1-5 Explain Different Option You Can Choose
6 How To Make A GIF
7 Editing Your Pics after Scanning or Photographing them in

Step 1: Use Websites Supply

true sometimes this isn't even worth trying when they haven't even sorted them out into categories and just have pages and pages of random picture but most sites do, thankfully
<p>Please help me!!<br></p>
I like the "move it" animation!
ah thank you, it is really nice of you too mention <sup></sup><br/>

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