Making an EXTREME Cup of Tea





Introduction: Making an EXTREME Cup of Tea

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Me and some friends made this instructional and accurate video showing you how to make a cup of Tea the Nathan ;)  
Available in HD too!
(We have a whole channel with random stuff like this too)



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    haha nice i loved it until 1:07 XD

    This rocks! Moar please.

    That was definately.... interesting....


    Did you lose your voice after this? lol

    1 reply

    Luckily it's not actually me, my friend Nathan, who shouts a lot anyway so he was fine XD

    EXTREME TEA. For when ordinary tea is not good enough.

    Lol, this really is amazing.

    1 reply

    I liked the ric video more but this one's good 2 =D

    Yeah, you basically ripped off Brandon Hardesty's "Extreme" series.

    6 replies

    If you'd taken the time to read the video description we write it was inspired by the Extreme Rice & Extreme toothbrushing videos. If you're dedicated to screaming "RIP OFF!" to every video you see which took inspiration from that series then you'd better start now; it'd take you days.

    Well, since the video description is not posted on instructables....guess I didn't read it then. Maybe you should have given credit to Brand Hardesty in your instructable description as well.

    Dude do you think he really cares? This video is meant to be entertaining and it's not like we're making money off it. We did it for fun, why on Earth do you care if it bears similarities to some other guy's stuff?

    Because you should give credit where credit is due.

    And I gave credit on YouTube?

    Yeah...kind of. Mention the guy's name at least.