Picture of Making an Online Business Card
Are you BUSINESS? 

Do you, like me do business? I am so business I needed a business card that was always there so my business associates could do business with me all the time because my business is so business I haven't always time to give them my business card or I'm doing so much business I run out of cards for business and start writing stuff down? That's not business. 

Smartphones! Email! Conference Calls! Spreadsheets! THAT'S BUSINESS.  

So I've cobbled this idea together from a few things, it's all relatively simple and not too hard to follow if you understand basic web design. If you don't I'd suggest reading how to build a website in dreamweaver and how to build a website. 

Though based for mobiles this is a single page with very basic formatting... The idea behind it? A permanent link you can send any smartphone user to, they'll be able to make direct contact from the page. You only need to remember a single link, don't need your card, your phone, a QR code, though it's deliverable by any means. 

Ok so this is only part of the way there. People can get in touch, but it's not a means of saving all the contact details easily. So we add a save contact option. 

The video is a demonstration on Android. I've checked this out and all the functions will work across iPhone, Android, Blackberry and webOS. With java enabled dumbphones and quasi-smart phones a reasonable amount of it should work. 

The basis of most of the functions has been around from the 90's and is well established across mobile browsers, all major 3rd party mobile browsers, along with native ones support this. 
Granzeier1 year ago

Brilliant! I have been thinking about setting up a simple mobile web page, but mine would not have had anywhere near the functionality of yours.

I think that I will set up a sub-domain under my main domain named card (I.E.: http://card.granzeier.com) It will have the "phone-powered" links like yours, but also a link to my faith page, projects blog and store. A much more useful main web page.