Introduction: Making an Astronaut Using Paper and Tape

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How to make an astronaut with household items such as white duct tape and a sheet of paper

Step 1: Step : 1 : Materials

You are going to need :- a piece of clear parabolic plastic - few sheets of paper - some coloured duct tapes (mainly white) - and a small piece of clear plastic (optional : toothpick, 3v battery, led)

Step 2: Step : 2 : Making

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First take parabolic piece of plastic and insert aluminium foil. Now make a small ball of paper and put the plastic with aluminium foil on. Cover it properly with tape. Now for the rest of the body : make body, arms and legs the same way : a piece of paper covered with tape.

Step 3: Step : 3 : Optional

Picture of Step : 3 : Optional

Take 3v battery in the case and led with wires. Make hole through the whole body. Insert led and put the battery pack on the astronauts back.

Step 4: Step : 4 : Bags

Picture of Step : 4 : Bags

Now wrap the 3v battery pack with tape or make one out of paper. Than take a piece of plastic and put it over the led. Cover it with white tape. Now take some strips of different coloured tapes and cut them to the squares. Put them as buttons. Finally put on the head and you are done... Enjoy!

Step 5: Step : 5 : Making the Flag

Picture of Step : 5 : Making the Flag

Take a piece of paper in the shape of the flag. Make the flag with coloured tapes on the both sides. Now just tape it to the toothpick and stick it through the astronauts hand.

Step 6: Some Photos :

Picture of Some Photos :

If you have any questions about my instructable don't be afraid and ask me. :) (the flag is of my country - Czech Republic)


Mr_unique individual made it! (author)2015-07-28

I made it and I turned out great. I didn't do the light but I did add my name on the chest piece. I need up making some for my friends and they liked it. I took home anywhere I go so he can be in the picture instead of me.

Nice:) good job. Well done. It pleased me that someone made it according to my instructable. Thank you.

Eldalote (author)2014-06-22

Konečně další Čech! :D Dobrá práce ;)

bobes360 (author)Eldalote2014-06-23

Díky..., i když středověku nefandim, rád se kouknu na tvé výrobky. Je dobrý najít tady na celosvětové internetové stránce "souseda" ....

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