Picture of Making an upcycled plush kitten
I work in the props department at the Public Theater in New York City, and when a show closes, we often have piles of scrap materials that need to be disposed of. I try to save the more interesting bits for my own personal projects. On a recent production, we had to cut a piece off of a hotel bedspread, and we were left with a chunk of interesting, but fairly useless fabric.
We had also acquired our first sewing machine. My sewing and fabric knowledge is very limited, and I wanted to teach myself on this new machine. I decided I would take the scraps of fabric and make a stuffed plush kitten—kind of like a "memory bear" for a theatre show.
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Step 1: Gathering the materials

Picture of Gathering the materials
My first step was to take the bedspread apart and see what I was working with. The outer layer was a purple striped damask. Inside was a cornflower blue fabric and a green/blue plaid that was sort of quilted together with a layer of batting in between. 
I thought through a few options, and decided I would make a blue kitten with a plaid stomach and ears. I would use the batting to stuff it with.
Using a seam ripper, the layers came apart easily.

Step 2: Patterning, cutting and pinning

Picture of Patterning, cutting and pinning
I drew a full-scale picture and cut the parts out into a pattern. I kept it as simple as possible because it was my first attempt.
I knew I had to trace the pattern pieces on the reverse-side of the fabric. It's a tricky concept to keep straight in my head; luckily, the fabric I was using was identical on the front and back. I had separate pieces for the arms, legs, and ears; the head and body were a single chunk. Each element had two matching pieces cut out for the front and back. I even remembered to pay attention to which way the grain of the fabric was running.
When the pieces were all cut out, I pinned them together to prepare for sewing.
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