I brew a fair bit of beer and at the end I get a couple of kilos of yeast that's dropped out of suspension.

I usually wash it down the drain or stick it onto the compost heap.

But occasionally I make bread with it.

For this recipe, you'll need:

1 table spoon of olive oil
1 tsp of salt
500g of strong flour. I used a mix of white and brown because its all that was left in the cupboard (280g of wholemeal and 220g white)
300ml of water
A splodge of fermenter yeast. You can substitute this with any yeast, but it won't have a nutty beer flavour.

Step 1: Rack Your Beer, Harvest the Sludge

After you've brewed your beer, rack into bottles or a keg.

This brew was a robust London Porter (6.0%) and very dark.

The end result of the drained fermenter is the yeast trub at the bottom. It looks a bit like a planet to me...

Some people wash this and extract the live yeast with glycerol. No idea how they do this. I just tip the yeast cake into a bowl.

You could also add your spent grains to this bread
Yes! Plan to do this next time
just wondering what amount is a sploge, and you never mentioned when to add second half of flour. Thanks.
a fair point! a splodge isn't measured. It's probably a couple of teaspoons. I've added the bit on where to add the flour, salt and oil! Thanks
Oops! Tablespoons!

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