Making Black Powder.





Introduction: Making Black Powder.

This instructable shows you how to make black powder for use in rocket motors and shells.

Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment.

the things you will need can be bought in supermarkets or garden stores.
And a ball mill can be constructed easily, if this goes down well, i might enter a ball mill instructable.

1.Potassium nitrate/KNO3/salt peter
2.Sulfur/flowers of sulfur/dusting sulfur
4.Ball mill
5. scales

The KNO3 is a garden fertilizer and can be bought at most gardening centers, as is the Flowers of sulfur, (its used to kill mites and acidify soil, so make sure you de-acidify it!)
Charcoal can be bought. Or if you have fireplace, or campfire the black brittle stuff is charcoal

Step 2: Grinding and Prep.

1.Put 75g of KNO3 into the ball mill and run until twice as fine, about 2 hours.

2.Empty mill. Crush 15g of charcoal between 2 pieces of paper and then grind in ball mill until powdery.

3.If using Flowers of sulfur, mix 100g with 10g of stabilizer to remove acidity (like ground calcium carbonate (chalk) or lime chloride) because if acidic the BP may spontaneously combust.

4.Then combine the KNO3 with the Charcoal, and 10g of the sulfur mix in the ball mill until at a consistent fine-ness, about 1 hour.

5. in short, 75g of fine KNO3 with 15g of fine charcoal, with 10g sulfur powder=BP

Step 3: Bentonite Clay.

Although not black powder, this bentonite clay can be used in rockets as an efficient way of crating a nozzle and bung in a black powder powered rocket.

Put 1 cup of the Cat litter (must be in-organic clumping type) in a ball mill and grind for 2 hours, or grind in other machine until powdery. When rammed this will become solid, because this Cat litter is mainly Bentonite clay.

This isn't nearly as difficult as it may sound. and because this doesn't expand when rammed or contract later, and sets hard quickly it is a cheap and quick way of creating bungs and nozzles.



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    You only need to de acidify if you are using flowers of sulfur. If you are then mix 100g of the sulfur with 10g of ground calcium carbonate (chalk) or lime chloride). As in put 10:1 parts sulfur to stabilizer together, mix them with a spoon, and you're done.

    Other cheap sources of calcium carbonate is eggs shells.

    I was wondering if I can use a Ceramic DURAMEDIA for mixing black powder in a 3lb tumbler?

    Why cant u just buy it from a firearm(gun) store I live in sa so I Canot just buy it but I know you can in America

    how do you de acidify the sulfur please respond fast i is in a hurry

    Nice 'Ible! I saw this in a book, but i was too scared to try it :P

    P.S. You should probably put a disclaimer, because some idiot is probably going to blow his hand off.

    you do know that if you keep grinding it, and then place it in cheese cloth or pantyhose and running water over it, it'll make the powder much more powerful and quick burning

    hay use sodium nitrate for making blasting powder olny

    Yes you can, many people do.

    I very much doubt it. Although it is the Nitrate functional group which is essential for this reaction, the parent molecule is also important as sometimes they may interfere with the reaction. At the very least it would mean different amounts and ratios for a working reaction. I do not suggest you start experimenting with chemicals you are not familiar with either, because that is really a job for an expert. If you can't get your hands on KNO3 or a reliable recipe with NaO3 as the oxidiser then please do not attempt black powder.
    Oh, and for the record, if you did make some combustable material with NaO3, it technically wouldn't be Black Powder, meal powder, or gunpowder.

    grinders are olny use to grind not to mix and let it diy for 2 days in a can or on paper not in a bag mix right it will burn just like hodgdon pyrodex RS

    O for got do not use fertilizer that kind stupi win you can buy the stump remover and its cheper at lest for me

    Buy it at a gun shop

    thank you but how much is it and whats the name of the store

    runs 20 buck for rs most places

    Sorry I don't but I'm sure you could find it in your local telephone directory, just call around.

    ok FIRST OFF DO NOT USE WATER TO MIX BLACK POWDER USE ALCOHOL like everclear or some thing thats 190 or 100% and you do not need to use a lot just a nuff to damp it the olny reson this is done is so you do not kill your self it makes it not light off y your mixing it you can mix dry but it dose work a bit beter mixing with alcohol i have made a tons of this stuff and trid a lot of combos DO NOT USE HARD WOOD OR PINE GET REALY SOFE WOOD CHRCOL WORKS GRATE i use balsa i build r/c planes so i have a lot but you can use adler wooks good to i make blasting powder with the balsa it flash faster then adler i made some with pine be for to see what it do and it bruns like crap
    you can change the burn rate by mesing with the chrcol % add to make it burn faster it at less it works for me i shoot guns with it and some rockits i use this mix 75%potassium nitrate 10%sulfur 15 chrcol and thats where i start at now to get the potassium nitrate you can buy at lows spestracide stump remover and grind it in a coffe grinder till its realy fine works good and fast its 90% potassium nitrate i buy my sulfur dust ther too it on the same shelf lol o and if you flip the can over thers a biger cap on the outher end i found out after cuting the top off lol a ball mill ok but not need i use a can and a stick for i do not whant to die never use steel in a ballmill use led or coper brass never steel AND DO NOT USE THE COFFE GRINDER TO MIX IT OLNY TO GRIND THE potassium nitrate i saw a guy lose a hand so be safe win mixing