I decided that since the girlfriend NEVER makes lists, unless I stand over her and insist she make one for me, that I  would put one smack next to the door leading out of the house.  My son is provided to give you a sense of scale.  And show why I made it as high off the floor as I did.

Step 1: Proper Prep Work Makes the Project (the Seven P's Are Proper Prior Planning Prevents...)

This  part is pretty easy.

Figure out where you want the  blackboard.
Sand/ scraper it smooth(ish).  There is no need to get all Rainman obsessive about this part.
Tape off the borders.
Buy a can of blackboard paint.  And a brush/ roller as needed.  You CAN make your own paint, but it's SOOOO cheap; why bother?

Could have SWORN I took some pictures of this step, but apparently not.

If you need a detailed explanation, with pictures, for these steps, send me $99 and a Stamped, Self Addressed Envelops (SASE) and I'll make you your own little Instructable...  Or alternately, you could  just ask ANYONE  that has the first clue.
<p>How fun! Blackboards and the best for drawing on in my opinion :)</p>

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