Dorie Greenspan has been making these amazing looking "Jammer" cookies for a while.  We've never tried making them.  This presented a perfect excuse for me to try to improve my completely awful welding skills.  Here's how I made a set of 3" and 3.5" cookie rings.  I made them at techshop.

Step 1: Cut some strips

Cut a sheet of stainless steel to 9.7" (3" * π plus enough overlap for the ring to stay together) long, then cut it the other way into 1.5" strips.  I used a hydraulic sheer.  
I have been thinking of doing something like this, but since I do not own a welding machine or know how to weld, I thought about using stainless steel pop rivets. The hard part would be putting a pop rivet from the inside
WELL PLAYED... <br> <br>Wish i had all dem tools to do this. I used to use all those rings when I was in kicthens...EXPENSIVE! <br> <br>I could use some now...
For round cookies, I just use a cup or cap which doesn't cut into palm when pushing down. My hand doesn't like these thin metal cutters without rubber on top. Your cookies look delicious!
I agree. My original plan was to fold the metal over at the top so they wouldn't hurt to press on but I think most cookie cutters are made with thinner metal than I used. I rolled a scrap of this metal in a ring and pressed on it before deciding they were dull enough to not be worth folding over the edge.
great 'ible! How much would you charge to make a dozen? =)
Very nice exercise in sheet metal work. I've always wondered why an array of hexagonal cutters can't be made, so you can cut out a sheet of cookies all at once with no waste. If you make one up, please post it.
That's a fantastic idea. I'll give it a try.
Oh, they're perfect! I love that they slightly differ in size :D
The random sizes are proof that I'm really good at measuring things! :)
Very cool idea and those cookies look delicious :)
Um ya all DO know that you can use any sort of smallish can---say cat food size or tuna--and just use a CAN OPENER to cut off both ends and THEN use them as um cookie rings? OR egg rings--and CANNING JAR LIDS work well but are a bit larger---- <br> <br>That said--if you have a problem with mutilating your tender lil handsies in pursuit of your CRAFT use a pot holder or silicone sheet between your flesh and the top ot the can. If you are going to use these a lot get a file and smooth 'em down. <br> <br>These are nice and of course improving welding skills--of which I have none--sigh---is always a good thing! For those of us with no TECHSHOP access or welding equipment however the cat food can route might get us to cookie nirvana a bit faster. I DO like the idea of the straight sided cutters tho!!!!! For which you might be back to that old Catch-22 of no TECHSHOP and NO welder and I think I will just go make some cookies now.

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