Picture of Making cookie rings (and a test batch of cookies)
Dorie Greenspan has been making these amazing looking "Jammer" cookies for a while.  We've never tried making them.  This presented a perfect excuse for me to try to improve my completely awful welding skills.  Here's how I made a set of 3" and 3.5" cookie rings.  I made them at techshop.

Step 1: Cut some strips

Picture of Cut some strips
Cut a sheet of stainless steel to 9.7" (3" * π plus enough overlap for the ring to stay together) long, then cut it the other way into 1.5" strips.  I used a hydraulic sheer.  
Carmasclar2 years ago
I have been thinking of doing something like this, but since I do not own a welding machine or know how to weld, I thought about using stainless steel pop rivets. The hard part would be putting a pop rivet from the inside
ZaneEricB2 years ago

Wish i had all dem tools to do this. I used to use all those rings when I was in kicthens...EXPENSIVE!

I could use some now...
For round cookies, I just use a cup or cap which doesn't cut into palm when pushing down. My hand doesn't like these thin metal cutters without rubber on top. Your cookies look delicious!
FoodGeek (author)  laceupsandals2 years ago
I agree. My original plan was to fold the metal over at the top so they wouldn't hurt to press on but I think most cookie cutters are made with thinner metal than I used. I rolled a scrap of this metal in a ring and pressed on it before deciding they were dull enough to not be worth folding over the edge.
PaganRaven2 years ago
great 'ible! How much would you charge to make a dozen? =)
DanYHKim2 years ago
Very nice exercise in sheet metal work. I've always wondered why an array of hexagonal cutters can't be made, so you can cut out a sheet of cookies all at once with no waste. If you make one up, please post it.
FoodGeek (author)  DanYHKim2 years ago
That's a fantastic idea. I'll give it a try.
Oh, they're perfect! I love that they slightly differ in size :D
FoodGeek (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
The random sizes are proof that I'm really good at measuring things! :)
Very cool idea and those cookies look delicious :)