Making hard boiled eggs with FRESH eggs

Picture of Making hard boiled eggs with FRESH eggs
When you buy eggs from a supermarket there is a pretty good chance your eggs have been in that carton for almost a month.  Commercial egg farmers have 30 days once their eggs are packed in a carton to sell them.  If the carton is labeled with a "use by" date that date is 45 days from the when the eggs were packaged. Assuming the eggs were packaged the day they were laid, that is still an egg that has been sitting for a while. The longer the eggs sit the more the membrane beneath the shell separates from the shell, making peeling easier.  The trade off is the longer the eggs sit the less centered the yolk will be because the whites become less dense (also the longer eggs sit the less nutrition they provide). 

Now you want to make a beautiful platter of deviled eggs with nice neat whites and centered yolks... what to do?

It's as easy as stopping by the local farm market and buying some fresh free range eggs from a local farmer and following these steps to perfectly boiling your fresh eggs. (or go one step further and put some happy hens in your backyard, but that is an instructable for another day)
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
Fresh Eggs
Pot with enough water to cover the eggs
Slotted spoon
Bowl of ice water

Step 2: Boil water

Picture of Boil water
Yes, that's right, we are boiling the water first... then adding the eggs, backwards, not anymore, this is the new way to hard boil eggs!
TheRVgeeks.15 days ago

We've been using the following method for years and it works great!

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 3.24.03 PM.jpg
HenryK21 month ago

I have chickens that I love also. I just used your pic for a screen saver!

Cake face, ha!

I have one named Weedwack, because when the motor revs up, she comes running to feast from the insects that jump out of the wacker's path.

I love hard boiled fresh duck eggs, but have the problem of peeling them because they are FRESH!!! Half the egg comes off with the shell! This method is amazing. I just cooked 2 fresh today eggs, and the shells just SLID right off! THANK YOU!!!

I googled this because I just bought eggs & want to hb them without going crazy trying to peel them! I tried this method & it worked great!!! I set the timer for 11 minutes & turned off the heat at 8m & let them sit for the remaining 3m. I don't like a really dry yoke & they turned out "moist" just like I like them. Thank you!!!

alison.clarys5 months ago

Ok guys. SO this method, is the method for sure. I spent two years making perfect soft boiled eggs every time in a restaurant i worked in and this is the method my chef taught me. He is a genious highly trained culinarian. HOWEVER, there are some holes in the method i feel necessary to point out. So check it…..why would you lower each egg into the pot individually with the spoon? put them all in at once using your colander… this way all of the eggs cook for the EXACT same amount of time creating beautiful uniform eggs. Also remove them the same way, some of the egg shells will crack, but WHO CARES at that point they are already cooked. Also, i would never eat an egg that has been boiled for 15 minutes. Yolks become chalky and whites become rubbery after about 11 minutes. For a perfectly soft boiled easily peeled egg, use this method, only boil for 8 minutes , hardboiled 11. Enjoy!

Followed your guidelines to the tee (I agree 15 mins is way too much!) and they turned out PERFECT!! Never will I try any other method again ... Finally! :)

Where was the chef getting farm fresh eggs Alison?

SammyShine made it!4 months ago

I had to stop what I was doing and write. OK, This was one of the best things I have found on the internet. I usually don't look forward to peeling eggs because there are casualties and bumpy looking eggs. With this method, the shells just fell off the egg - in big whole pieces. Out of 18 eggs, I only had one that was a little difficult to peel...the others were a joy. Thanks for sharing this. I am never cooking hard boiled eggs my grandma's way again...Love you Grandma :-)

Here's a picture of my beautiful eggs & you can see how easily the shell came off

amygirl19674 months ago

Do you really feed them cake? Would LOVE to treat mine this way! They are good girls and lay beautifully!

I boiled my pullet eggs today and they came out GREAT!!!! I had never even boiled any of our chickens eggs because everyone always told me they were to hard to do....doing the eggs today made me realize that I have to try something myself first before I make an opinion. The shells peeled easily and hardly even nicked any of the eggs...Already have them in my eggs and beet recipe that I got from my Mom. So if anyone can tell me how to color farm fresh eggs for Easter, I would surely appreciate it! Thank you, PixyMcCrafty!!

urs3175 months ago

Fantastic! Just tried it and the shells just slipped off, plus the yolks were right in the centre. Thank you!

Brilliant idea..will try with next dozen,thanks much

Chookums6 months ago

OMG! This worked brilliantly ! Thanks so much - that's one major frustration ticked off my list. Now that I have chickens and really fresh eggs, peeling hardboiled eggs was ridiculously difficult.

Interesting too that the yolks in my fresh eggs were beautifully centred - another PIA issue that put me off making devilled eggs (which I love) for years. Tried the 'stir the pot trick' many many times to no avail, so obviously the issue was really the freshness of the store bought eggs. My only regret in getting 'my girls' is that I didn't do it years ago.

Thanks again for posting this!

gay.l.young.17 months ago

The first time I used this method it worked a treat but I am visually without depth perception. So lowering an egg in a slotted spoon into boiling water is a good way for me to burn myself. So today I experimented with first putting the eggs in a plastic basket the kind that goes down in a cooking pot for cooking veggies etc., putting that in an empty pan and covering with water, lifting back out and set the pot to boil and then once my water was boiling lowering that quite slowly into the water. I did notice that a few eggs cracked as they went in. Next time I will try letting the refrigerated eggs warm to room temperature as sadly I don't have farm fresh eggs but get mine from store and find they are variable in the peeling process until I tried this.

TechnoPoet7 months ago

I have chickens, and the fresh eggs are impossible to heal no matter what I do - I even tried adding baking soda to the water, because of a suggestion online. But now, I have found the secret:

If your eggs won't peel worth anything, take a pin, and very gently poke a hole in the larger end. Just poke through the shell, not all the way into the egg.

This way, when you boil them, it easily separates them from the shell, and makes them super easy to peel.

vincent752011 months ago

I feel this is somewhat far fetched just for boiled eggs !!!…

Anyway someone boils eggs is okay to me, deviled eggs or any other recipe : "egg mayonnaise", "œuf macédoine" - french version of deviled egg- etc…

However, thanks for the last pic as it reminds us that :

1) eggs do not come from nowhere,

2) hens are always nice to look at as it will remind all who had happy days when they were kids vacationing at their cousins' farm,

3) one should never throw the shells away if they have a chance to have a chicken coop (occupied, that is !) in their backyard (I know, I know, this does not occur that often these days…) : give them the shells and they'll swallow it along with the small pebbles they feast on : this is how they get their calcium for shells …

BTW : did you really get these white eggs at a local farmer ? I thought they were "manufactured" (or almost …) by those big egg producers that deliver them a zillion each day… Obviously I was wrong.

Vincent, the color of eggs is determined by the kind of chicken they come from. It is not "manufactured". The reason you see white eggs on a commercial level is that most commercial eggers are the white Leghorn chickens. I have several chickens and get all sorts of colors from white, to ecru, to dark brown, to a pink brown. I've seen blue, pink, and green eggs.

vincent752011 months ago

Sorry for the typo : "Anyway someone boils eggs is okay to me…"

correction :Any way eggs are boiled is okay to me,

I really don't know where my head is these days : if someone could make an instructable relating as to how to keep it screwed on one's neck or how to find it would be most welcomed ! ;)

coco1301 year ago

I've struggled with this for years. A friend of mine always gives me FRESH eggs and I would dread trying to make deviled eggs with them but not anymore!! He gave me some today that he had just collected so I searched and found this solution. I wasn't planning on making deviled eggs but I couldn't wait to try it so I boiled 2 eggs, just as directed and they look PERFECT!!!! Thanks SO much!

1Happydogg1 year ago

Thank you so much! You're a life saver. I've been trying to find a way to hard boil my "girls" eggs and not having almost the entire egg completely stuck to the shell. I too was skeptical, but it worked brilliantly. I'm so looking forward to deviled eggs. Thank you again.

BFunky2 years ago
Ok so I was skeptical but I needed to find the best way to use up my fresh eggs from my Red Comets and Black and White Lace Wyanettes so I gave this a try. Well it works! Out of 2 dozen eggs only one made it to my waiting Dachshund. Thanks my deviled eggs for Thanksgiving wont look like took a ride in a rock tumbler
oking2 years ago
I cheat. I use a pressure cooker... 5 minutes at 15 lbs and let pressure drop on it's own.

Easy peel eggs every time fresh or old.
MomLogg2 years ago
Thanks for this tute! I seem to have a hit-or-miss track record when boiling eggs fresh from my ladies. I'll try this method and strive for consistency! Also, I, too, give my ladies leftovers. I have one in particular who always seems very disappointed if I don't bring anything vegetable for her.
dreamberry3 years ago
Your way is my new way, because it works. It works, it works, it works! (dances joyously) Thank You Very Much!
tvoyak3 years ago
Ok, I am going to try this and just see how the egg peels! I have always had trouble peeling fresh eggs and I purposely use the older ones for hard boiled eggs. The shells are tough and very difficult to peel..maybe your boiling method is the trick for fresh eggs..I hope!! :)
PixyMcCrafty (author)  tvoyak3 years ago
The eggs I boiled when I made this ible were all less than 12 hours old, and they peeled so easily. It took me awhile to figure out how to do it. For the longest time I was hiding eggs in the back of the fridge for 2 weeks just to make hard boiled eggs.
Ah ha! It worked :) Thank you, Thank you! Now I can make super yummy AND presentable deviled eggs ;)

Just out of curiosity, did you have your eggs chilled before you boiled or room temp..mine are just out on the counter so I started at room temp and it worked but if it's even easier when they are chilled I am all for that!
PixyMcCrafty (author)  tvoyak3 years ago
It works fine for both room temp and chilled eggs, old eggs, fresh eggs, whatever you have. :D
dlabelle3 years ago
I love the chicken with cake face picture really cute!
westfw3 years ago
last time I got frustrated trying to peel eggs, I did some experiments. What seemed to work best was to put the (cold) hard-boiled eggs in the freezer for about 15 minutes (until the egg just under the shell began to be slightly frozen.)
I've heard all these tales about starting in cold water, cooling immediately after cooking, using older eggs, but I never got consistent results or had enough eggs to gather proper data; I'm not convinced that any of them are more than "old wives tales."
PixyMcCrafty (author)  westfw3 years ago
I get 14-18 eggs out of my chicken coop everyday, I've done plenty of experimenting. I have found eggs over 2 weeks from when they are laid are fine if you start with cool water, bring to a boil then turn off the heat and let sit covered. If the eggs are fresher I got significantly better results using this method, including warm eggs that went directly from the nest box to the boiling water.

I've never tried putting the boiled eggs in the freezer, making them that cold would help pull the membrane away from the shell also, did the partially frozen eggs end up a little rubbery?
caarntedd3 years ago
Any tips for getting the shell off a hot soft boiled egg? I use cold water to stop the cooking process, but I still sometimes have trouble getting the shells off. Cold soft boiled eggs aren't real nice.

Cool instructable, Thanks.
Once you've made a crack in the eggshell, you can use the tip of a spoon (I use the handle end) to put behind the eggshell to help pull it off.
Thanks, I'll try that.
PixyMcCrafty (author)  caarntedd3 years ago
I never tried peeling hot eggs. I know throwing the cold eggs in the hot water (instead of starting with eggs in cold water) will help separate the membrane and make it easier to peel, and the ice bath just helps.

Maybe try putting your eggs into the boiling bath, reduce the cook time (obviously) and finish with a quick cool wash instead of the ice bath. That should make them easier to peel than the standard method of starting your eggs in cold water and bringing them to a boil.

Good luck :)
Yeah, thanks. Your second paragraph is exactly how I do it. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. It may have to do with the age of the eggs. I didn't realise how old they could be until I read your posting.
lemonie3 years ago
PixyMcCrafty (author)  lemonie3 years ago
oh. now that looks delicious!
sunshiine3 years ago
Great ible! Thanks for sharing.
once commercial eggs are pack in a carton they have 30 Days from the date of pack to be sold.

Unless they use the words "use by" then its 45 days from date the carton was packed.
PixyMcCrafty (author)  thematthatter3 years ago
Good to know, it could be up to 45 days from when they are packed. Assuming they are packed the same day they are laid that is an egg that has just been sitting around too long.. I will edit to reflect the official USDA numbers, thank you :)
I couldn't find how long they sit from the time its layed to it gets to the carton but most plants have resident inspectors so im guessing within the same day or couple days.

They have to be inspected before they can be sold but "Grading is voluntary"