Making Hooks





Introduction: Making Hooks

I needed  new custom hooks for my garage.

Step 1: Failed

I tried to use my forge but quickly decided that I could not make matching hooks nor could I get the tight corners that I wanted.

Step 2: Jig

So ,I made a jig to help

Step 3: Prep,

I took a bunch of good hex steel from a surplus outlet  and cut it to length and scored a mark with a file. Then I made some mounting plates out of flat stock.

Step 4: Using Our Torch We Heated the Hex Steel at the Score Mark While Holding It Above the Jig

The jig has 2 tubes that are sealed at the bottom to bend the hooks at each length.

Step 5: Bend It

By using the torch I could heat a small area and by using the jig which was built to let the hex steel bottom out and then bend using light force.

Step 6: Weld the Bent Hex Steel to the Mounting Plates

Oh and drill the plates first.

Step 7: Finished

I use the hooks for ladders, hoses and cords.



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    just asking ! you get much use from the exercise machine behind the vise //

    Not as much as I do from the anvil....

    I love the railroad spike door handles

    Thanks , I always liked railroad spikes and would pick them up on walks when I was a kid. I was glad to find a use for them . I also have a door latch made from a very comfortable wards wrench that was bent.

    I would like to see a photo of that if you get a chance

    I know, those were pretty sweet. 5 stars.

    Soild. Nice to see some good metalworking.