Picture of Making instant film at home ( polaroid 55 )
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After following the New55 project closely i decided to give it a try on making instant film positive & negative at home.

Ilford 4X5 film FP4
ilford RC paper
kodak HC 110
ilford rapid fixer
freezer paper 
heat sealer
black paper
electric tape

Step 1: Reagent & pods

Picture of Reagent & pods
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instant film at home

be careful wear gloves and glasses !

R 3.4 

hc110 5ml, 

ammonia 12ml, 

rapid fixer 3ml, 

water14ml (use a syringe) methylcellulose to make a gelly reagent but not thick ! its easier to mix if the solution is cold, its the tricky part !

for a 4X5 2ml of reagent is way enough, i used a heat sealer and some freezer / butcher paper to make the pod fold with the plastic coating to the inside 

Step 2: Take a picture using a regular 4X5 back

film exposed ( i'm using an some ilford FP4 ), then assembled the film, the paper ( i used ilford RC fixed as a receiver ) and the pod in the dark, in a black paper sleeve taped to be light proof . process  through rollers and wait 8min ! 

Step 3: Peel it

open and peel the film , clean the receiver with clear water , and negative with some ilford rapid fixer .


Step 4: 8X10

Picture of 8X10
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negative 8X10 test 1.jpg
positive 8X10 test 1.jpg

Step 5:

dawnacruz7 months ago

Has anyone made this. I am going to try this but I was hoping for someone who did it before me to give some more instructions. It is a great project idea!

-chase-1 year ago
Totally cool. First time I heard of the New55 project, I'll definitely check into it. At first I thought you were referring to the Impossible Project and their line of instant films.

Question: Have you figured out a cost per shot using your method?
Have you tried other films other than Illford?

thanx for sharing
BTW : voted (goes without saying, but then again … )
TOP OF THE LIST !!!! Really !…
CrunchFist1 year ago
Looks really interesting and I'd love to try it, but your instructions are really vague and it seems like you skipped a ton of steps to get from start to finish.
themichael1 year ago
A bit vague. Looks more like a field development system rather than PN55. The 4x5 envelope looks like it won't fit in the Polaroid back on my camera. Sizes, patterns, and a better detailed how-to would be helpful. Do you put the whole thing in the camera or put the film in the envelope to develop? I am guessing the later but still guessing. What rollers are you using?
rawromg1 year ago
Instructions are kind of difficult to follow. I'd love to try this on my own.
bob30301 year ago
Neat, I can imagine Mr Land doing the same things when he was a maker / inventor working on the Polaroid instant film. Thanks for posting.