Picture of Making new marine vinyl boat seats

Finally got a little time to do some work so I made new seats and motor box for the back of the boat.  The plywood for the original motor box and seats was rotten to the the core so everything had to be rebuilt including new plywood, cushions, and vinyl.  This is how I did it, take note, this is my first time sewing vinyl and I have not sewn since I was a kid so bear with me. 

So this is one of my installments on restoring my 22 foot aluminum Sylvan boat.  The boat is an inboard outboard so there is a padded motor box in the back with a custom sized jump seat on each side of the motor.  The vinyl all throughout the boat was pretty much shot so in my ultimate wisdom I decided to take on the project and redo the interior.  Heck, I sewed back in middle school, what was that....  25 years ago...... I figured piece of cake.

Step one was to get a sewing machine so off to craigslist I went.  $35 later I had a Singer 237 cast iron beast but in Italy in the early 60's and the thing has no problem chomping through eight layers of marine vinyl.  So after about two weeks of sewing practice I figured I was ready to go so let's get started on this project!
WalterS29 months ago

Please tell me how thick (the weight in oz per) your vinyl is. Also, does it matter what weight it is? When do you use a 28oz and when to use a 35oz? Thanks.

bpfh3 years ago
Sweet!! Thank you for the idea of notching the piping! it gives me an idea for remaking my motorcycle saddle.
What did you use to form the piping?

SIRJAMES094 years ago
that was a smart idea to replace the top...saves you from having to tear it all apart later or building a new one later.
jskingry (author)  SIRJAMES094 years ago
Yeah, once I was in there and considering the woodworking part is the easy part I bit the bullet and decided to do it right. Thanks for the encouragement, expect to find more as time allows. Don't forget to vote for me in the challenge.
bdillahu4 years ago
Great stuff! Keep it up.

Put a link to you on my boat building blog. Hope to see you continue the detailed info.


jskingry (author)  bdillahu4 years ago
Hey thanks for the encouraging words. Don't forget to vote for me in the challenge.
SIRJAMES094 years ago
looks great!!
One heck of a lot of work too I bet....but well worth it! looks as good as a factory job!

TY for sharing Sir.
tinker2344 years ago
wow i might do free yahught fix it with this
jskingry (author)  tinker2344 years ago

If you pay someone to do this for you that free boat becomes expensive very fast.
yeah i know i love snorkeling in the keys be perfect project
jskingry (author)  tinker2344 years ago
I love the keys, have not been in years though, we have some great snorkeling here north of Tampa, it's scallop season right now and they are thick this year.
i live near weki watche about 20 miles out of town love the sponge diving
jskingry (author)  tinker2344 years ago
Hey you are just north of me tinker, I am in Hudson Beach. If you like fishing, check out my website on my profile.
wilgubeast4 years ago

Here's a long-form comment on this project. Great work, jskingry. Thanks for sharing.