Introduction: Making of Homer Simpson Guitar

A making story of Homer Guitar.


Xolin (author)2012-06-13


That really is a professional job you've done there - it looks like a real collector's item. Extremely well done; you have a lot of talent.

lovehomer (author)Xolin2012-06-14

Is it? Am I? Thanks so much!

caitlinsdad (author)2012-06-12

Doh! It's not shaped like a donut...a nice jelly donut...

Nice custom paint job.

lovehomer (author)caitlinsdad2012-06-13

Thanks! But it's not yummy I promise...

Nostalgic Guy (author)2012-06-12

It looks like a nice job but your image swaps are WAY too fast to really tell.
I counted around 73 swaps in about 57 seconds, couldn't you allow say two or three seconds each if only to give us a chance to read them :-)

lovehomer (author)Nostalgic Guy2012-06-13

Sooty for that. More detail process will be explained in near future. Please stay tuned! ;-)

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