Making of Wall-E the Robot





Introduction: Making of Wall-E the Robot

As you can tell, my project was simple yet complicated; all parts and designs were created from scratch. In matter of weeks, I was able to design, produce, and assemble the hundreds of pieces.  Being that I was working on a low budget school environment, I was only able to access school machinery and available woods but I am sure that if you plan on replicating this project, it will come out much nicer. My goal here was just to show you guys my first robot project ever!

1: All parts started out with a few mere sketches that were later designed and given proper dimensions in a computer generated animation in an open source program called blender. As you can see in the (blueprint) pictures, I first designed 3d meshes from scratch and rendered them in 2d to achieve the blueprint effect. After creating the pieces, I created an animation on how all of the parts came together

2: Dealing with the mechanical problems was the biggest set back. Due to lack of support, one of the sides of the old track system  was going off balance, so I created a brand new (better) type of track system.

3: Creating and assembling was perhaps the simplest task. Since I had my designs ready, all parts came together very well. My controller called EZ-robot bluetooth controller, greatly aiding in programming the parts. In the end, I was able to wirelessly control the servos and sensors with a joystick connected to my laptop. (sensors include a speaker, LEDs, and switches) (moving servos acted as a switch to power the track's movement and direction)

p.s. If you wish to see my model files, here is a link to download them ---- Wall-E Blend Files.rar
p.p.s there is also a website I created (from scratch) which gives more information on this project ---- PROJECT WALL-E


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    I thought about Wall-E and decided to make him. I found this through a Google Search, and thank you for your ideas and everything! I am excited about building one of my own, and perhaps created one that compacts trash like the real Wall-E.

    This gave me the idea and push to build my own, cheers.

    This is inspired me to do something in this category lol
    I like things complex

    Great Project, love the designs

    I bet it would come out as a pretty great 3d print

    blend files are AWESOME!!!
    you should give out the files in obj format though, not everyone has blender

    that's a LOT of pieces!

    yeah, that's why i made a die for the links (for tracks)

    I like the animations, the last one must have taken hours to render

    actually yes, it did, there were so many layers (colors for each object) and i was trying to render in hd