Making of a Ruby Guitar AMP





Introduction: Making of a Ruby Guitar AMP

Ruby guitar amp made and played.
Made from the excellent schematics over at :



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    What's to understand. Microprocessors are used in almost all types of audio amps these days. Now you can experiment with them on hobby projects.

    I understand it too. Indeed, microprocessors are used in all kind of tone-deaf amplifier. Stick with your Spider; I will have my good old analog sound (tube when i have powerline, and LM386/TL072 when I am on battery)

     Different strokes for different folks. Solid state amps can have amazing tone, and tube amps can sound like crap. It's all in what you do with it.

     I'm in the process of building the Ruby with the Bassman mods. It sounds a lot different than yours, and I am making a few changes to the design. These little guys rock, don't they?

    Take a look at what you can do with microprocessors these days. You could really have a good time with them.

    yeah? I dont understand that comment at all.

    I just built a 386 operated amplifier with schematics that I took from a book and then modified. Interestingly enough, it doesn't produce the kind of distortion that your does, although in is a simpler design... It was pretty cool how if I adjusted the resistors in the amplifier (the ones that use use a potentiometer for), I could pick up radio signals very loudky and clearly (They were so loud that my ears hurt...).

    Nice job, I might show this to my brother, thanks!