Just an Absolute 300 Fashion Look, I made my 300 Helmet under $25.

Step 1: The Photo Shoot of the 300 Helmet

Different view pictures.      > also follow me on Instagram @luisprojects

Step 2: Trash Can

A office trash can from Target store $5

Step 3: The Blue Tape and Cut

I used the painters blue Tape (optional) any other tape should be good to right on, I marked were I'm going to cut freehand. and to cut I used a dremel machine.

Step 4: Adding Cuts

to add cuts also used a Dremel machine


Need a Heat gun to warm the middle of the helmet the bend to get the crease.

Step 6: Adding Head Support

This I got in a yard sale a Knight Helmet Just added to my Front side 300 look and I used Hot Glue to put them together.

Step 7: Adding Hair

I freehand out the eva foam cut and I used adhesive spray for the fabric fur

Step 8: Adding Support for the Hair

I also used eva foam to support the hairs made it to fit the outer of the helmet also used hot glue.

Step 9: Adding Texture

a sponge and Bathroom adhesive silicone to get its texture

Step 10: Last Thing the Color

Started with the Brown spray paint, Spray Paint the hole helmet and the use a sponge for the gold color and tap tap all around the helmet and that should be it.
<p>I made mine exactly by the rules and it worked perfectly!</p>
<p>What can i subsitute for a heat gun </p>
this is a great design!!!!
<p>Nicely done!!! very inspiring </p><p>Dakota</p>
<p>mine wasn't perfect, but my nephew was happy. Thanks for the inspiration!</p>
Magnificent. Just magnificent
Awesome! I'm so glad this wasn't another paper fold and fiberglass project. Those are cool too but this is an awesome, quick and straight forward. Looks great
Very cool.
Pretty awesome hacking!

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