Step 2: Making a paper wick tallow candle

Picture of Making a paper wick tallow candle
You can make a tallow or cooking grease candle very easily with the stiff paper wicking described earlier.

1. Select a jar, wide mouth jars are easiest to light.

2. Make a spiral from some wire, a foot of unwound ground wire works very well.

3. Pinch the wire around the wicking so the wick stands up. That way the wick will stand straight even if the grease melts. Where as, regular candle wicking would just fall into the candle.

4. Melt and pour in your grease, wait for the grease to solidify, then your candle is ready to use...
lomi.hija4 years ago
it would be nice if you can make the wick float, so it will automatically follow any level of oil you have..
Knitwitz5 years ago
Wow, great idea, Thank You, so much for your knowledge.
Starrystar6 years ago
Is there some alternative to grease for us vegetarian types? Maybe crisco or . . . something vegetable based? (wishful thinking, maybe.)
you could probably use algae oil too.
crochetdee6 years ago
How long can you burn? does the glass have a point where it get too hot and will break? or the oil can bubble/sizzle up? By grease: did you mean bacaon fat? thank you. PS: I add scent to candles, you use less when then candle wax is a little cooler, otherwise you're cooking the scent. spearmint and sage is great for headaches, nausea, muscle pain rosemary, mint and sage great for extreme muscle aches Pine for colds. mix in a scent you enjoy, like rose, is you don't like the smell or want to add softness to a medicinal mix. and remember, it won't cure your headache if spearmint gives you one. these cures work by being absorbed thru skin or nose, but being harsh smelling isn't the same as haing a Negative reaction. Aso, these are medicinal. watch how many drops you use and how much COMBINED oils you take throughout the day. AND ALSO MAKE SURE TO AVOID oils that are Expellants!!! they're good for getting rid of congestion and BABIES. Just don't buy them.
steam_cannon (author)  crochetdee6 years ago
As with anything involving fire, use your best judgment. But in my experience I use wide mouth jars and candle size wicks so I haven't had the glass get too hot, even when the fuel is running out. I guess as a rule of thumb, if you can put a candle in the jar you can also make it an oil lamp. Regarding grease, I've used bacon fat, butter fat, tallow, cooking oils... Crisco smells awful IMO, but is fine for outside. And as a general rule of thumb with any kind of candle, if you are worried about your walls getting smudged, cooking oil scent, or fire, then don't use these indoors. If you worry, don't make yourself worry :)
iarkus6 years ago
My grandma used to just perforate lid of a jar and insert wicking through hole. you can fill the jar with just about anything - grease or wax of any kind. As long as there is enough oxygen, it will burn for a long, long time.