Refrigerator Magnets, Making old magnets new and beautiful.

Picture of Refrigerator Magnets, Making old magnets new and beautiful.

Making old magnets new and beautiful.


Don’t throw them out. Recover Your magnets.
Don't let your precious photos be held in place by magnets that say something embarrassing, or take away from that special moment.


 They can be made into frames acceptable for the wonderful pictures you want to  display on our Refrigerators.                                         
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Step 1: Tools and accessories

Picture of Tools and accessories
Card makers will recognize the steps, but those that do not have the supplies and cutters listed can do this simple project with
an exact-o knife.

Gather your magnets

Assemble some simple tools, Double sided tape or glue sticks.   Craft Paper or images from magazines, scissors, and any other craft tools you would use for card making or scrap-booking, even fabric scraps are useful. Cuttlebug or other embossing machine, and Die cutters.

First remove the cover of the magnet if possible, if not it can be covered over no problem. Mark the magnet to which side had the ad on it, important, both sides are not magnetized.

Any decorative papers or a image from a magazine you want to cover the magnet face with can also be added as covering material. Stampped images or kids art can be used too.

I  will include a list of items I used to make these samples at the end of this demo.

Step 2: Making the frame

Picture of Making the frame

Step three making a frame.   Mark the dimensions on the opposite side or magnet back, and cut carefully, the paper should be adhered before cutting. Fabric may not cut properly  and may have to be trimed from front side,   Trim any hang over from the paper side.

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