I do a lot of plant seeding in the spring, and have a paper pot maker, that will make small plant pots, about the size of a jiffy peat pot. Its great to use, but if I have leggy plants to pot up, there is not enough depth for putting them deep enough into the pot - especially for things that will root along the stem, like tomatoes.  So I decided to make an instructable to show you how I made tall paper pots for my tomatoes, that stand approximately 5 inches high, and 2 inches wide.
Hope this helps someone out there!
On to step one!

Step 1: Materials needed

All you need is a newspaper, a large spice bottle, scissors, potting mix, a pen or "dibbler" to make the hole in mix for the plant, and finally, a plant to pot up!
 do you think brown paper would work for this?  I don't get the newspaper and actually have a roll of brown paper.
How thick of paper?&nbsp;The nice thing about using newspaper is that it is thin enough to decompose fairly quickly... The other question is, is your roll of brown paper like &quot;butcher&quot; paper... or freezer paper that is coated with plastic on one side? If it is coated, I wouldn't suggest using it.&nbsp; If it is used lunch bags or grocery bags, they should work, but you wouldn't have to have so many layers... one and a half to two layers should do.&nbsp; <br /> Hope this helps!<br />

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