Step 4: Making the plant pot

Align the spice bottle to the level or height you want to plant pot... In the picture you can see that the newspaper almost completely covers the spice bottle
I liked this tutorial a lot; very easy to follow! I made several of them at the taller height, and for my shorter plants, I just folded a bit more of the newspaper over. And since I don't get the newspaper, I discovered that most diners that offer guests a newspaper to read, will gladly give them away at night, as they just throw them out anyway!
Thanks so much for the feedback! Great for you finding a source for newspapers! Newspapers are a dying thing in the digital age... at least it doesn't take a lot of newspapers to make a lot of pots!<br>
&nbsp;do you think brown paper would work for this? &nbsp;I don't get the newspaper and actually have a roll of brown paper.
How thick of paper?&nbsp;The nice thing about using newspaper is that it is thin enough to decompose fairly quickly... The other question is, is your roll of brown paper like &quot;butcher&quot; paper... or freezer paper that is coated with plastic on one side? If it is coated, I wouldn't suggest using it.&nbsp; If it is used lunch bags or grocery bags, they should work, but you wouldn't have to have so many layers... one and a half to two layers should do.&nbsp; <br /> Hope this helps!<br />

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