Our hack space (Leicester Hackspace) has been given a batch of Sugru for us to improve anything and everything we see fit. I got inspired by the Sugru website to give one of my wife's many rubber ducks a bit of a makeover (give-rubber-ducks-a-little-extra-style) but for unlimited future versatility I thought I should add some Lego. Low profile bricks to be applied directly to the duck, such that other bricks, pieces, extensions can be simply pushed on, with the Sugru'ed parts remaining permanent.

As part of my Lego collection at I have a Hawkeye minifigure which came packed in a Marvel Super Heroes set (Lego part number 30165). This means I don't just have a minifigure, but also some additional bricks and parts which could be useful to Sugru directly onto the duck.

Step 1: Colour Matching Sugru

Sugru typically comes in red, yellow, blue, black and white. The rubber duck that I have is a pail blue/turquoise so I decided to mix some of the Sugru colours together. I started with the blue and slowly added yellow until the colour best matched the colour of the duck.

Matching to the colour of the duck rather than the colour of the bricks means that I can mix the colour once and use it on any colour of brick I choose to apply.

For the legs the bricks were very prominent so I decided to match the colour to the brick rather than the lego, so it is a combination of black with white and a little yellow.

This is the most badass rubber ducky ever!
Omg that is awsome THE AGE OF DUCKS IS HERE WOOO AT-RT WALKers are here
You duck is very cool and i like Lego too!
Looks like the sort of thing Sid from 'Toy Story' would have made! Thanks for linking Leicester's Hackspace, I had no idea it was there!
<p>no problem, we have open hack nights every Tuesday if you want to pop in a</p>
people like you deserve medals.
<p>Amazing! We love crazy ideas that come out this awesome :) </p>
<p>Nice! <em>Tell me, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck? </em></p>
Because ducks can swim/float and with some imagination even rubber ducks can fly :-P
<p>Cool! I love the finished shots in the last step.</p>
Ah ah ah.<br>fantastic!

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