Making super delicious 'Gajar ka Halva' [Carrot Pudding]!!

Picture of Making super delicious 'Gajar ka Halva' [Carrot Pudding]!!
Hello I'blers! 

This is my first Instructable in the food section, and I am happy to begin with 'Gajar ka Halva'. I wouldn't be bragging if I say it is the most favorite dessert in India!!  And as a student living abroad, making home delicacies is a great way to celebrate festivals, cherish home memories and invite friends home for some fun.. 
I just made the halva last week and it turned out to be as good as Mom's recipe! 

Also, for those who would want to try making some Indian dessert, there is nothing more easy and equally delicious than this! So read on and gear up for making some!

Just as we begin, for all those wondering what the name 'Gajar ka Halva' means, Gajar = Carrot (in Hindi) and Halva = common name given to a lotta Asian desserts.  And since there are many many different kinds of them, I may fail to characterize them compared to other desserts, but there's a Wiki Page for all those curious about the  Semantics ! 

  • As most Indian desserts are, this one is a pure Vegetarian dessert. 
  • It requires super simple and few ingredients [Carrots, Milk, Sugar, Creme, Butter.. yes thats it!]
  • Needless to say, it is super delicious!
  • All it needs is a lil lil patience.. but believe me, it is all worth the wait!! 
So lets begin. 

Just mom used to make- really! One thing you might want to do- what ever nuts you use- toast them in some ghee before adding them to the halva. It will take it up a notch with only a tiny bit more work. Some times a pinch of cardamom is a nice addition too.
Nirzaree (author) 2 years ago
Do try making it sometime.. :)
I've never had anything like carrot pudding! Sounds good :)