Introduction: Making the Pointing Joystick Cap Missing on Your Laptop.

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How annoying is it when we miss the cap for the pointing joystick in our laptop? Then we go to the internet looking for it and we don't find it, or spend some time trying to find the right one for the laptop and become expensive for what it's ... because really is just a small piece of rubber... well if you find your self in this situation like me (several times) here is a practically free and easy solution. 5-7 min total.

Step 1:

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Material need it:

1-Pen or pencil with eraser on it.

2-knife or sharp blade.

3-a piece of sandpaper, or any rough surface will do the trick even a sheet of paper.

4-an measure instrument (anything that u can use for measure the size of the joystick handle)

First get a pencil with an eraser or a pen, anything laying around the house with an eraser on the back of it (this is why i said that is almost free ,who don't have a pencil or a pen with an eraser laying around?. I pick this pen for 2 reason first is easy to remove the eraser off and second i want to do the cap on black color to blend with the keyboard.)Then remove the eraser from the pen (pencil is a little bit more difficult because is design in a way that the rubber don't come off when you are using it, but a small screwdriver will do the trick pretty good).

Step 2:

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give a desired shape to one of the ends of the eraser, try to do it round, nice and smooth as possible ( if you don't wanna do it round just jump this step)

Step 3:

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now cut the rounded end (i recommend 5-6 mm because remember when you close the screen of the laptop you don't want hitting the screen )

Step 4:

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Now with the instrument of measure (caliper,ruler,piece of paper,piece of wire.... :p) measure the size of your joystick, and with the same pen do an square on the flat surface with that measurement (me was 3mm).

(i recommend the type of blade show on the picture because the sharp point made easy to do the cut square on the eraser)

Cut the marked square on the flat part with the blade, !be really careful here!, you don't wanna to cut all way ,because them the piece don't grip to the stick, and also you don't wanna cut your finger off :)..

(one trick use that small screwdriver and turn it around in the hole, will make it easy and like you cut first the square ,will don't damage the shape of your hole.)

Step 5:

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now just be sure that your square hole fit nice and tie on the joystick handle , push it in and enjoy a new cap and a better looking laptop. (now your after laptop)

check, ones that is installed that don't hit the screen ones is close , maybe a little more of sandpaper work will be need it, but should be ok.

Please if you like this instructable vote for it :) . i hope this solution save some time and money to all of you guys.


redspl (author)2017-01-17

One question - why? If you can search, you can find some on the internet for a really little price - usually about $5 or less. This solution is virtually unusable if you really want to use a Trackpoint - your finger won't get a good grip on it so it won't be as comfortable to use a TrackPoint as it is with an original rubber.

Just4Fun Media (author)2016-02-04

Very interesting. I have only seen 3D printed ones before.

Have a great day!

Hi and thanks for commenting, yes i was thinking on a 3d printed one but i do not have a 3d printer or know anyone that has one so i got this idea and work out really good.thanks for your time and please if you like it vote for it ... (maybe i can get a 3d printer and do it this part with it... lol ) have a wonderful day.

wold630 (author)2016-02-02

Nice instructable! So clear and detailed! This actually just happened on my dad's laptop. Now I know how to fix it for him. Thanks for sharing!!!

odinrios2001 (author)wold6302016-02-02

Thanks, i hope that help you and a lot of people on this same situation, post pictures of project completed and any advice how get it done on an easier way if you find it one.

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