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    I have been thinking about making another Atlatl handle out of Hickory. It is hard and durable! I also want to make the end a bit bigger. Sort of like a ball shape. It could be a formidable club type weapon if the need arose. Maybe a snake face too. With eyes and real fangs in the mouth. May be dooable in the near future.

    Really like the antler atlatl ! I'm wondering how did you finish tying the sinew. Got my antler plenty of wood, ready to go. Thanks Ron

    My friend started putting straps on all his atlatls. He never lets go, but when he lets friends try it out, they tend to just throw the thing.

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    Yes, that is why I added the strap you see in the pictures. I never let it go, but some people as you say tend to throw the whole thing at the intended target. Everyone who sees the Atlatl wants to try it but can not understand that the thrower part is not to be thrown. Maybe its a brain thing. I don't know. So I strap it on everyone who wants to try it. Saves the Atlatl from damage. I am sure the ancients who first used these way before the invention of the bow & arrow had the same problem Thanks for your positive comment. Peace!

    It almost makes you wonder how those people thought of that.... maybe they saw how their own arm threw it and tried to recreate that motion or maybe the were just sitting by the fire one day and Oog put a curved stick on top of another and flicked it and it shot into Aang's eye.... maybe... probably the first one more likely.

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    Must have been a real kodak moment !

    Excellent and very nice looking!

    Hyde Glue does not make it strong enough in the joint where the wood meets the antler. But i think birch glue might do it. To make it, one must get birch bark , heat it over a fire, in a container, with a hole in the bottom, covered, catching the tar- like substance that drips out into another vessel. The ancients did it with stone vessels. It was used for bows, arrows, and other fastening needs. Smart fellows!

    Titebond. That's a mighty fine glue they used in the old days. hahaha. Joking aside its an awesome project.

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    I think it was called Mammoth Bond back then .

    Nice job. Have you seen an Australian Aboriginal woomera? Very similar, and these people are a very ancient race.

    ok...thats pretty awesome!

    I like the rustic value of using wood and an atler....what do you think about modernizing, like iwth carbon fiber, aluminum, etc?

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    I saw some PVC Atlatls on you tube. Check them out. pretty cool!