Step 4: Stacking your layers & icing the cake.

Picture of Stacking your layers & icing the cake.
Check your cakes.  Be sure that they're not still warm in the middle, and very carefully take them out of the pans and place on a clean, smooth surface (whatever it's going to remain on after it's finished, preferably).  You want your cake to look taller than 9x9 pans allow (if making three layers, this might not be a problem), so I stacked my cakes and took my chef knife to cut about an inch off all around.  It doesn't need to be perfect, because you want your cake to look a bit rough.  Just be sure they still look round, as you don't want a square cake!

Really, just look at a picture of the cake from the game and eyeball it.  It's a critical part in your cake, but if you go slowly you're most likely to do well.

Now, when you're stacking your cakes you want to place the bottom layer flat side down, and the top layer flat side up.  As you can see from my photos my cakes were a bit puffy in the middle, so I skimmed some cake off the top of my bottom layer.  This made my cake a bit lopsided after I was finished, so be careful if you attempt this.  The details are what is going to make your cake perfect!

Next take a spatula, scoop a golf-balled size of coconut filling and plop onto the center of your first layer.  Spread the filling to a thickness so that it won't squeeze out under the weight of the top layer, but that gives you a clear "filling" look when you stack the layers together.

When your cakes are stacked and evened out it's time to frost the cake!  Again, take a golf-ball sized dollop of frosting and carefully spread it on top of the cake with a spatula.  Work slowly and add more as you need it, moving to the sides after you finish the top.  Don't worry about a smooth surface.