Fix Broken Pin Badges





Introduction: Fix Broken Pin Badges

The other day I found a badge that didn't have a pin for me to pin it on my shirt with, so, getting creative, I thought I'd make one!

There are many other alternatives around, as you may have seen, but done right, this looks much more professional, is cheaper, and can be done without much at hand.

Step 1: Materials Required

Because this is so amazingly simple, there aren't many tools required.

A paper clip.


Side cutters, but not needed if your pliers have the cutting bit on them.

A pinless badge.

Sandpaper, or a bench grinder.

Step 2: Starting Off

Straighten out your paper clip, it doesn't have to be real straight but mostly so. Eye out the distance from one side of the badge to the other, minus about 5mm and with the same distance from the end of the paper clip make a 90 degree bend.

Step 3: Continuing On

From there, make a semi circle that goes round from there to the very end of the straight bit you made earlier. Make a sharp 85 degree angle (about there) upwards, and then back down again. From there, continue about 3/4 the way round and cut it off.

Next, with your pliers, grab the lip that went up at an 85 degree angle and bend that inwards towards the middle of the circle.

With the straight section that you made first, bend that upwards (to the same side of the circle as the lip is).

Step 4: Sharpening

Essentially, you are done. But because the "pin" (straight) bit is not pointy it won't go through your clothing very well. Here, grab your sand paper and hone down the straight end to a nice sharp end. I used a bench grinder, but because it's such a small job I just cranked it by hand.

Step 5: Inserting It in the Badge

Hook your circle under the lip of your badge with the sharpened straight "pin" pointing outwards, along with the "lip" that it will slide under.

Step 6: Done!

You're done! The insert that you made can still slide about inside, but if you want a tad of glue won't hurt. I prefer it the way it is so I can turn it without having to take it off, but it stays firm in the mean time.

Hope that was helpful!



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    Suggestion for your next ible: Get some beer bottle caps, bend the crimpy bits over, squish them until from above it appears round, insert one of your clever clasps. Easy, cool beer cap pin badge :) I managed the bending of the cap quite easily but didn't have a paper clip big enough to use. Over to you :D

    Ahh! As soon as I read this I rushed to my rubbish bin (recyclables, so it's clean :P ) and discovered that all the beer bottle caps are bent! Noo!!!
    Oh well, give me about 5 minutes, I'll have one then.


    Ha ha. You can lever one off without bending it using the handle of most cutlery

    I never thought of that... expect in 1-2 weeks, lot on at the moment so even a small thing like that will take time.

    This is a really smart solution! Me likey. Want some advice?

    Yes please! I need a bit, to be honest.

    ...I also need more time to finish one of the 25 Instructables I'm working on... most of which are half done / documented.

    In my opinion I don't think your title does your instructable justice. Something like "Repairing a Pin Badge Pin" or "Fix Broken Pin Badges" might get more views. The rest is really well documented. :)

    Thanks! I'll do the latter.

    Interesting :-) Well, that certainly makes it a lot easier to reuse the badge.

    Well, $2 a piece (1 English Pound, or $2.30 US), I didn't really feel like getting another one.