After going outside and sledding, nothing beats a cup of fresh hot chocolate.  In this instructable I am going to share my favorite things to put in hot chocolate. 

Step 1: Candy canes

I absolutely love to put candy canes in my hot chocolate, before and after I heat it up.  A substitute for candy canes can be peppermint extract.  They both add a great refreshing taste to hot chocolate. 
uh, the title was the ultimate hot chocolate, not what you add to it, how did you make it?<br>
If you can suggest a better name, I'll change it. And for your info, I made it with instant stuff. A number 10 can if it pleases you.
Sorry for being rude. :)
instead of candy canes, try the little peppermint discs in your cup. I prefer the butterscotch ones, but i can find either flavor in a medium sized bag (dunno, maybe 100 pieces?) at wally world for $1.
Yup. Just depends on what you have on hand.
Perhaps &quot;making your cup of hot chocolate taste even yummier&quot;...?

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