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Don’t know if somebody is interested in this post, but it was fun to making my first video tutorial, (jep, I need to edit it, and it’s not completed yet), but I think that maybe somebody are interested how to put video camera in front of you (the tutorial guy), so that you and the audience could see what you are making (almost bird perspective).

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I don’t know how my video will look like, but I seen a lot of videos on YouTube, and some are great, some are not so great and some are fantastic. So ok, the topic you want to show need to be fantastic, and I didn’t plan to talk about that. I want to show my stage, so maybe you could reproduce it if you have the similar thing in your mind to film it on your camera.

After I will publish it you could found it on my blog:

This is picture from above; you could see the stage of making shoes and camera position on the tripod.

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My way of doing it is not professional at all, because I did this in my house without help of camera person or lighting person…so just me, tripod and the camera. I use my photo tripod, really old and second hand and I pull the stick with the tripod head out of the tripod and put it back from the bottom of it. Not science fiction at all. My main reason was to filming what I was doing from above, because I want that the audience could see the clip similarly as I see it.

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But the hardest part was cleaning the clutter from my table. Maybe one advice more: It is hard to know when your working space is, when you are recording, because you are so focused on the topic that you are working on. So I try to solve this problem with help of three rulers, that I put them on my art note book, that I use it for my background. OK, in the video, maybe I will still go out from the camera, but I think this was good helping assistant at least if you don’t showing everything on your table.

Does somebody have better advice on this topic? Do you think I could do something better then I did it? What and how? I will show you my video also, but this is my first and maybe I could improve it on some parts? All the critique is welcome as usually.


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