Making wide bike wheel hubs and joining them to car rims!

Picture of Making wide bike wheel hubs and joining them to car rims!
This is a project I did early in the year for the Muscle Bike Build-off. It turned out very successful and wanted to share it with others... Please remember this is only an idea being provided, how good it turns out is up to the individual builder, I take no responsibility for anything you might create using my ideas, so please use your common sense! Also make sure you use personal safety gear while doing this!

There are more pictures of the finished bikes and some videos of them on the last page.

"I just finished making this rim up for my "Muscle bike build off" bike, and thought I would share the process of building a wide freewheel hub. I have noticed many bikes using wider and wider tires and rims, some like the sand and beach bikes would be a good project for a scratch builder if they could get the rims and tires cheap enough, if you build some of these hubs and the following wheel set up and find some used motorbike tires you should be able to do it for next to nothing, depending on what pieces you have available to you of course... The finished hub cost me nothing, I had all the pieces I needed in my bike stockpile, the rim I show later cost me $10 for the car wheels I used to make it, the motorbike tire I will end up using was free from the bike shop, it saves them from paying to dump it. Total cost for the entire wheel, hub and tire combination: $10.

This can even be done without the use of a welder if you are widening by 2 inches or less, if widening by more than that you will probably need a welder to widen the axle anyway. (If you can find the correct endless threaded rod mentioned later, you could theoretically build one as wide as you want without any welding at all.)

For reference a 16inch motorbike or car tire can be fitted to a wide 20inch bmx style rim for the perfect beach/sand cruiser combination!

To do this you will need some knowledge of how to dismantle and rebuild a standard wheel hub.

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cwcorbin6 months ago

The wheels on the bile with the spokes (Red wheels), those look like you night have started with some already made rims, just without the center piece. I looked at the pictures and could not see where you welded two halves together. It may just be hidden by the angle of the photo, just wanted to check to verify. If you were able to source the outer rims, where were you able to get those? Seems like it would take a lot of the manual work out of the process. Thanks

LukeTheJoker (author)  cwcorbin6 months ago
Good spotting cwcorbin! I managed to get on to a wheel manufacturer here in Australia and they gave me the name of someone local who is a supplier for their rims, they were able to get me the two 20"x8" steel rim bands direct. The cost was quite a bit more but it was the only way I could find steel rims in the 20" size.
Thanks Luke! Also thanks for the great instructable, I love the look of the four spoke white wall tire you show in the write up. Your use of a second rim to align the first is sheer genius! Thanks so much!
Mrballeng6 months ago

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Grand Marshal of the Awesome Parade.

bricobart11 months ago
This is HUGE!!! If the 'star rating' still existed I would have given you not five but FIFTY stars. Excellent work mate, I absolutely love that Big Jim. Inspiring!
54shadow11 months ago
Thanks for this informative tutorial, plus sharing some of your trade secrets.

A fellow RatRodBiker,
rimar200011 months ago
This is a MASTER WORK. Chapeau!
LukeTheJoker (author)  rimar200011 months ago
Thanks! Thanks for the patch too!
Mrballeng6 months ago

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Grand Marshal of the Awesome Parade.

Mihsin10 months ago
Fine work and very helpful for me to convert motor scooter's wheels to use on garden wheelbarrows. Best regards.
vincent752011 months ago
You're ready for an Easy Ride(r) !!!…
Sir, you are a talented man! Loved the bike...
notingkool11 months ago
Exellent instructable. I love the bike with the white wall tire.
LukeTheJoker (author)  notingkool11 months ago
You will like the bike I am planning for the December 1st 2013 to March 1st 2014 buildoff then! Whitewalls front and rear!
I will look for it.
denbecr11 months ago
This looks like a good rear wheel for a friction drive motorized bicycle. One drawback of friction drive is accelerated wear on the bicycle tire. This would be far less a problem with the much wider, thicker tread of a car or motorcycle tire.
LukeTheJoker (author)  denbecr11 months ago
Sounds like a great idea!
Great work! It will be great if you could embed those youtube videos and a finished pic in the intro page. Will be easier to get what it's all about :D
LukeTheJoker (author)  Antzy Carmasaic11 months ago
I will try, this is all new to me! Thanks for the suggestions!
Chicken Gutz11 months ago
I cannot seem to see just what you are doing here. Are you making bicycle wheels, motorcycle wheels, car wheels or something else entirely? And for what purpose?
He is using the wheels on bicycle. Making the wheels from car hubs and motorcycle tyres. For fun and to look cool.

Check out a finished bike example on the last page, or at

You may have to scroll down a little...
LukeTheJoker (author)  uminohoshi11 months ago
Thanks Uminohoshi! Yes, mainly for looks! All the pics of bikes and video links are on the last page.
joshfromga11 months ago
how does the big one handle when making a turn?
LukeTheJoker (author)  joshfromga11 months ago
Not as bad as you might think, kind of like riding a full size motorbike, requires more lean than a small one...
Kroozerdave11 months ago
The orange wheels were used on a bicycle pretty much built during stops on a long family holiday. (very long distance travelled even for Australia)
Luke is over 6 feet tall and the bicycle is much larger than you image from just the pictures by itself. The wheels were combining the idea of the 'wider' back wheels on chopper style bicycles., using what parts were available and taking the idea out to a much wider version. I found it very encouraging to see what could be done using parts that usually would not be thought of together to build something unique.
Like many instructables once we have seen someone do something, we can now imagine how other parts available to us might be a solution to a dream or just fun to have a go ourselves.
LukeTheJoker (author)  Kroozerdave11 months ago
Thanks Dave!
Malhecho11 months ago
chopaderos BC???
LukeTheJoker (author)  Malhecho11 months ago
Sorry, no, not affiliated!
studleylee11 months ago
Curious: what Kind of Rims and Tires were those? They had no inner support prior? Or did you cut them and weld the halves together. Reason is, I have a SnowMobile Engine and CVT trans needing a use, so I'd like to get tires/rims like these.
thx Lee
And great work!
LukeTheJoker (author)  studleylee11 months ago
Cut and weld!
Farmer-Al11 months ago
petermonti11 months ago
Wow too good !
gferrer211 months ago
Wow..!!! You are the Master..!!!
3366carlos11 months ago
outstanding, i would like to get me one of those bicycles.
astral_mage11 months ago
wow is all i cana say
LunaEros11 months ago
Very cool. One thing that would make it even cooler is making it electric driven now.
andrea biffi11 months ago
that's cool, thanks for sharing!