With 2 headphones tape and some time you can make your own aux cable for your car, stereo, computer, Tv there are a lot of uses

Step 1: Decide on Your Headphones and Splice the Cables

First you have to decide on our headphones.
When deciding make sure both cables have the same criteria

The both have the same # of Cables on the inside either 3 or 4
They both work
Your willing to destroy them

Now choose how long you want each end and cut. Then strip the wires by using a wire stripper or scissors.

Thanks. the burning the fibre in the wire worked :)
or you could get one for a dollar at the dollar store
Great idea. I could use this idea!
Oh-ho, someone doesn't know what shrink wrap is!
You just turned a stereo cable into a mono cable... Now instead of having the left channel playing out your left speaker, and the right channel playing out the right speaker, you have both channels coming out of both speakers. You wouldn't notice a difference using that cheap little dog speaker, but if you plan on using it for anything else its going to be noticeably worse.
I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but I notice that you sometimes offer criticism without further explaining WHY something won't work, or what the author can do to fix it. In this particular case, the author should know that each of the wires inside carries a signal (right channel/left channel), and ground, which may be run along the wire braid internally wrapped around the wires, or may be run as separate wire(s). The left and right are usually colored red and green, and the ground wire(s) tend to be orange/copper color. If they are colored in this way, you'll want to match up the colors appropriately, keeping them separated/insulated from each other using tape or some other method. If the wires are not colored, you need to use an ohm meter or continuity checker to figure out which wire goes where. Start by checking on one of your cables. Place one lead of your meter on the very tip of the jack plug (use a friend if needed), and test the stripped wires at the other end with the other lead. The one that shows a slight resistance, rather than an open, is the one that matches. Repeat this with the other cable, and match these wires together. Repeat this with the other sections of the hacks on each cable. When you put this all together, if inappropriate wires touch, you may end up with mono (single channel) audio if the left and right channel wires touch, or you may lose audio from one channel completely if that channel's wire touches the ground wire. This is a bit more complicated, but hopefully will give you better results when you're enjoying your music.
Sometimes i dont have time, or im working on something between posts. I was just trying to give a word of warning to anyone else, i do try to be helpful when i can.
Sorry, not trying to shoot you down or anything. You did bring up an excellent point. But I know from the author's standpoint it can be frustrating to get critical comments with no suggestions for how to fix things.
I really don't care how it sounds I am not an audiophile maybe you are I am not
Im an audiophile for liking stereo sound? lol. as i said, in your case its not going to matter, because the dog speaker thing your using probably only has one speaker. which means for you, you'd actually be getting MORE sound (left and right instead of just left OR right)
Oh it does have stero sound If you followed what I said it should
&quot;Stereophonic sound, commonly called stereo, is the reproduction of sound, using two or more <strong>independent</strong> audio channels&quot;<br/><br/>
Okay 3 wire headphones have left right and a ground cable 4wire headphones have 2 grounds left and right when each wire is connected to the other you do have a stereo signal. my picture may not be that clear but All 4 are there. Which is why I say use 2 of the same headphones. Sure you could use 1 4 wire Headphone and a 3 wire one by connecting the 2 grounds to the one then doing left channel ant then right channel ps I know what stereo is

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