Picture of Making your own book!
This tutorial shows you how to make your own book.
For the binding I only use glue.

Step 1: Things you need

Picture of Things you need
You will need scissors, paper, some thicker paper or cardboard, depending on how strong you want your cover to be, PVA glue, a brush for the glue, a knife, a pencil, a ruler and paper for the cover. You can also use cloth if you want to.
NasrineK4 months ago

For my graduation project, I wrote a children's book and I have plans to read it to a kindergarten class at the library tomorrow. I used the publishing company Lulu to print it, but it STILL hasn't been shipped. As a last resort, I used this to create my book. Although creating it took many hours, the final product was amazing and well-worth it. So thanks a ton!

jbeach41 year ago

Thanks for the technique, i made an adventure time enchiridion with your method. Thanks so Much!

I will get a picture up eventually on my instructable page

R4NS0M2 years ago
Best method I've seen so far! Very authentic looking and perfect for what I have in mind. Thank you!! :-)
ricecakeh4 years ago
How do the flaps of the pages stick together if they are just lieing on top of each other?
sugarfuss (author)  ricecakeh4 years ago
you mean the folded over little bits at the middle? oh, explain, i want to help!
yes, the picture is a little confusing because I cant see how they all stick together if just laying on top? does that make sense?
sugarfuss (author)  ricecakeh4 years ago
okay. so, lets try this.
you can see the pages all lying on top of each other, ready folded. thats pretty much the way they are going to be stuck together as well. the reason why you score the pages and fold the little bit over is that this is the part where one page gets glued onto another one. so the top bit of the little thing at the edge gets glue on it (there's a picture of that) and then you stick it onto the bottom of the page that goes on top of that. makes sense?
otherwise just give this a try, its super easy.
Wow very neat Rated 5/5 keep up the good work
i ♥ this!
shooby6 years ago
Very tidy