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The Makiwara Board is a traditional Okinawan training device used in various martial arts. Originally constructed by burying a beam in the ground this design is portable and uses a laminate construction.

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DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-08-27

Cool. Do you have any videos of how these are used?

There are a wide variety of approaches to using a makiwara board. Personally I follow the model that reinforces balance, structure and power rather than bashing. You can search Youtube for makiwara techniques and make up your own mind. My advice, take it slowly and work up to power so you avoid injury.

SPKNC (author)SPKNC2017-08-28

Check out Paul Enfield's videos on Youtube... this is the way I was taught. He is promoting his videos for sale.... but it is great form.

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Bio: Shunpookan Aikido is a traditional Aikido school based in Gastonia NC.
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