Introduction: Male-Male, Female-Female Garden Hose Adaptor

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Recently i had to connect two garden hoses together but they had both male ends. You can buy an adapter for about $15 or make your own set for $10. For about $5 ill show you how to make a Female to Female garden hose adapter.

Step 1: Parts

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Not much you need just 2 Female hose couplings and about 6" of garden hose

Step 2: Cut Around 2-4" of Garden Hose From the End of Your Hose

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Cut around 2-4" of garden hose from the end of your hose

Remove the couplings from their packaging

Step 3: Assembling Step 2

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Assemble the pieces, and tighten the clamps.

(not much else i can say)

Step 4: Assembling Step 3

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Attach a coupling to the end of your garden hose if you want to still use it.


In the picture i used a 3/4" coupling on a 1/2" hose, the coupling should fit snugly in the hose. If you have to force it in its to big, if it falls out its to small.

Step 5: Done

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That's pretty much all i can say about this. These costed about $5 each were you would have to spend $15 for a store bought one.

Your favorites and comments are greatly appreciated.




OneBirdieMa (author)2017-08-23

Sir yes sir! Just what I needed, tyvm!

neo71665 (author)2014-11-23

Not sure of the price difference but most hardware stores have hose to npt threaded adaptors. Two of required adaptors, a pipe coupling of the correct size, a bit of pipe sealant,and you don't have to worry about the hose or the worm clamps. A tee used instead of a coupling and you build the last hose splitter you will ever need.

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