Thought not that common, male to male A-A USB cables are used to connect USB devices to a PC or another USB device.
My old USB Hub need it for external power supply to provide full power to every port.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You need:

- 2 spare usb cable, or 1 spare usb cable and a type A usb cable plug (I've got mine from two dead mouse)
- a multimeter (a continuity tester works fine too)
- Soldering equipment (cheap 30W soldering iron works fine)
- Electrical tape or heat shrink tubes
- Wire strippers and/or cutting pliers (scissors as alternative)
- Hot Glue or superglue/cianoacrilic glue

<p>constructive? </p>
<p>How easy was that? Thank you. You have just made my day. This is just what I needed.</p>
<p>Great idea! </p><p>Some shots of the soldering of the wires to pins would be helpful, if you ever felt the need to update this sometime. :) </p>

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