Introduction: Mallet Whistle

Mallet whistle


jmwells (author)2014-04-18

Great primer on whistle making. Question: Why a mallet handle?

Kiteman (author)jmwells2014-04-19

Why not?

jmwells (author)Kiteman2014-04-19

Just thought it was impractical to use a tool handle.

savvas_papasavva (author)jmwells2014-04-19

It is, but that hasn't stopped me before!

Kiteman (author)2014-04-19

You could drill more holes into the handle to make finger holes and play a tune.

savvas_papasavva (author)Kiteman2014-04-19

Good point! I just wasn't sure what the spacing should be and didn't have the time to do a test!

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