Mallet From Pallets





Introduction: Mallet From Pallets

This is a great project for those who want to make something cool, easy to make.
The cost of the materials for this project was essentially 0€ and nails come from pallet too.

With the pallet wood you can get some really nice grain and patterns.

Don't forget free is better ^^

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • Pallet Wood
  • Square piece of wood
  • Nails - come from pallet
  • Some oil (optional)


  • Hammer
  • Cutting tool
  • Wood plane
  • 80 and 200 grid sandpaper
  • Wood glue
  • Pencil
  • C-Clamp

Step 2: Building

Very simply, we'll put it all together with wood glue.

We start with the board 20 * 8 cm then two boards 8 * 8 cm and the handle between the two, another two boards 8 * 8 cm and finally the last board 20 * 8 cm.

You can see the result with photos.

We glue everything with wood glue and clamp with c-clamp.

After drying, we put four nails into the handle.

For the handle I will use a plane to transform square to oval to get a better grip.

Then sanding with 80 and 200 grid sandpaper.

And finally a layer of oil to protect it.

Here your free pallet mallet , don't forget it's better when it's free. ^^



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    Looks good. Thanks for sharing...

    I made one with very similar design from an old hardwood chair a while back...

    in fact maybe i read this an made it, can't remember exactly!!!

    This is great, it would help me break down my next pallets.

    Nice looking end result!

    The "Pallet Mallet", catchy, eh?

    Pallet Mallet. I'm on board. This looks great, I bet its functional too. You can't beat free!

    ho yes it works very well , I prepare another one for my father.

    I will take more time to sand with 200 and 500 grid sandpaper this time.

    yes I love it, the more bizarre is that now I use to hit on her friends pallets ^^