Step 4: Prepare the Meat

Grind up the sausage with the giblets in the cuisinart. You don't really need to grind the sausage, but I find doing it this way mixes in the ground giblets more quickly and efficiently than grinding and adding separately.
Disgusting!! Please re-post under dead tortured animals.
Another addition from my Italian side of the family: cooked spinach, chopped, well drained. And Grammie always used San Francisco sour dough French bread. This stuffing recipe was also her ravioli filling. Yeah for family hand-me-downs!
Looks yummy. I will save this for next year!
Magnificent dish! A good photo of thanks)))))) In general here I look a lot of interesting on a site :)
looks delicious! just make sure you check the temperature of the stuffing before eating the turkey. The stuffing needs to be 165 as well since it was stuffed into a raw turkey. the turkeys with the pop up thermometers only check the temp of the bird and not the stuffing so be careful
Meat shmeet.
Meat is Meat and man's gotta' eat!<br><br>Looks awesome! Unfortunately up here in the great white north we have thanksgiving before all-hallows-eve so I'll have to try it for Christmas.
Love this, beats the heck out of Tofurkey!!!
Nothing says the holidays like a ball of meat substitute!
That turkey is gorgeous!
This is awesome.<br>I find it funny that the first thing that popped up under the related bar was vegan stuffing. lol
&quot;Vegan Shmeegan&quot;<br><br>At least someone here has their head on straight! Looks good! :)

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