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Introduction: Heaven's Garden

About: I'm just making some ideas to become real.

There is so many things to do there ! I seems a little rustic but is very comfortable.
There is fruit trees , flowers , plot for growing vegetables  :D

It would be nice your rating and comments.

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    43 Discussions

    I took those pics out, because my friends were making funny about me :(
    I don't care, when people think Brazil is a whole jungle.

    These pictures make all the difference. The turkey is awesome!
    Is that a monkey? He is cute also but wished the picture was better.

    9 replies

    Yes that are monkeys , they are very wild when we come to much closer , they run away. I think the fowl is a kind of turkey too ;)

    I am in a rush but have to go back and see those turkey's! It looked at a quick glance they had a cloth necktie on. This cracks me up after you say they are wild. It is amazing when we are in a hurry how we perceive things.

    I do not dare get too close, because they can bite and then I will have to be vaccinated, they are not vaccinated, they are not pets.

    I really like the alligator! Now I see the fowl. Wild animals amaze me. So beautiful and free.

    :D Wow! What a paradise :)
    So you have monkeys and an alligator?
    :D Wow, in that one picture are you ( I am guessing it's you ) on the verge of licking an earthworm?

    2 replies

    Yes. The monkeys live around there, and the alligator is like a pet :P
    The girl on the pics is me.
    And I don't licked the earthworm hahahaha
    But everybody think so.
    It 's just a funny pic.

    :D Oh yeah! You live in Brazil!
    :D Ok, glad to hear you didn't lick the worm! Funny picture, though!

    Mary ! Lucky you! This would be such a great getaway! I like the pictures at the end. Hopefully you have an opportunity to visit often!