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There is so many things to do there ! I seems a little rustic but is very comfortable.
There is fruit trees , flowers , plot for growing vegetables  :D

It would be nice your rating and comments.


M.C. Langer (author)2011-05-23

I voted for the only garden with alligators!!! :-)

mary candy (author)M.C. Langer2011-05-23

I took those pics out, because my friends were making funny about me :(
I don't care, when people think Brazil is a whole jungle.

M.C. Langer (author)mary candy2011-05-24

I think your garden is beautiful!!!! :-)

M.C. Langer (author)2011-05-18

I Love it!! It's a beatiful place! A brazilian paradise!! :-)

mary candy (author)M.C. Langer2011-05-18

Thank you Amigo ;)
If someday you come to visit here, let me know it.

M.C. Langer (author)mary candy2011-05-18

I will!! :-)

sunshiine (author)2011-05-17

These pictures make all the difference. The turkey is awesome!
Is that a monkey? He is cute also but wished the picture was better.

mary candy (author)sunshiine2011-05-17

Yes that are monkeys , they are very wild when we come to much closer , they run away. I think the fowl is a kind of turkey too ;)

mary candy (author)mary candy2011-05-17

ah and my camera is not so good ! maybe I could win this Nikon :D

sunshiine (author)mary candy2011-05-17

Time to enter the rainbow contest chuckle chuckle. The better your chances of winning.

mary candy (author)sunshiine2011-05-17

I wanna try to take pics for this contest , sure ;)

mary candy (author)mary candy2011-05-18

But I wish me this one Nikon, it seems more professional. A simple camera I have :D

sunshiine (author)mary candy2011-05-17

I am in a rush but have to go back and see those turkey's! It looked at a quick glance they had a cloth necktie on. This cracks me up after you say they are wild. It is amazing when we are in a hurry how we perceive things.

mary candy (author)sunshiine2011-05-17

I do not dare get too close, because they can bite and then I will have to be vaccinated, they are not vaccinated, they are not pets.

sunshiine (author)mary candy2011-05-17

So cute though! Fun at a distance.

sunshiine (author)sunshiine2011-05-17

I really like the alligator! Now I see the fowl. Wild animals amaze me. So beautiful and free.

happyjo (author)2011-05-17

:D Wow! What a paradise :)
So you have monkeys and an alligator?
:D Wow, in that one picture are you ( I am guessing it's you ) on the verge of licking an earthworm?

mary candy (author)happyjo2011-05-17

Yes. The monkeys live around there, and the alligator is like a pet :P
The girl on the pics is me.
And I don't licked the earthworm hahahaha
But everybody think so.
It 's just a funny pic.

happyjo (author)mary candy2011-05-17

:D Oh yeah! You live in Brazil!
:D Ok, glad to hear you didn't lick the worm! Funny picture, though!

sunshiine (author)2011-05-16

Mary ! Lucky you! This would be such a great getaway! I like the pictures at the end. Hopefully you have an opportunity to visit often!

mary candy (author)sunshiine2011-05-17

Sure it is a great getaway :D
I go there always, so I can take care of the garden like before when I was a child.
thanks for comments

sunshiine (author)mary candy2011-05-17

Gardening is very therapeutic, I am sure that is why you go there. I have fond memories of going to my sisters. We canned green beans and put up corn. Great fun and I learned a lot. I love gardening.

mary candy (author)mary candy2011-05-17

p.s so often I can ;)

sunshiine (author)mary candy2011-05-17

School can be very difficult at times and a place like this would be a nice break. My son spent 10 years in school. He is finally finished but he want to go back in a couple of years after he pays his loans off. He has a retreat to go to but it is not like this! He loves it though.

freeza36 (author)2012-05-16

The bird shown , Britany, seems to be a cassuary. Im not sure if that is spelt right.

mary candy (author)freeza362012-05-17

yes, it was a cassuary. 'She ' 's living in a Zoo now.

freeza36 (author)mary candy2012-05-18

Why was there a cassuary in brazil, where your account says you are located

mary candy (author)freeza362012-05-19

here lives everything you can imagine. Of course this bird is not a typical from here. And your question "why it is here" .. I cant answer for sure.

M.C. Langer (author)2011-06-07

Congratulations Mary Candy!!! :-)

mary candy (author)M.C. Langer2011-06-08

woo hoo, more one year for free :D

ytashi (author)2011-05-23

your flowers are gorgeous! what are they? i dont think we have this type/species of flower here in malaysia.. but seriously, the greenery of the whole garden is simply beautiful.. say hi to ur mum for us!

mary candy (author)ytashi2011-05-23

Hi there, thanks for comment ;)
I really don't know, how this flowers called are :D
Next week I'm going there, so I'll say how much famous her garden is .

playfulplans (author)2011-05-19

Mary Candy, wonderful to see and to learn a little bit about your family (including the croc... aaaarrrrgggghhhh!).

Thanx for sharing with us!

mary candy (author)playfulplans2011-05-19

hahahhaha Dundie is nice. But I don't come in his patio. :D

playfulplans (author)2011-05-19


Here in Western North Carolina US people raise the usual farm animals (cattle, pigs, chickens etc.) but also guinea fowl, turkeys, llamas, alpacas and bison just to name a few.

Local restaurants serve bison (buffalo) and many other treats.

I raised Columbia sheep for four years and helped birth over 35 lambs, a wonderful experience. My daughter was born in 1991 on the same day as twin and triplet lambs so I had to leave the hospital to take care of all the newborns!

mary candy (author)playfulplans2011-05-19

We don't ntend to eat the Britney hahaha
I'm thinking someone brought it to this region.
I still want to find out who did it.

Funny your experience , a lot of babies to care of.


Puzzledd (author)2011-05-18

What an amazing garden!! I can't believe the beautiful water and your fabulous animals. It looks like something in a book - not real.

Your fowl looks like a cassowary (
We have them in Australia, though I don't know about Brazil!

Thank you for sharing your mother's garden with us:)

mary candy (author)Puzzledd2011-05-18

Oh thanks ;)
And about the fowl.. I don't know where it is from.
Not long ago it came up around the neighborhood, but it decided to stay at my yard.
Sometimes it goes out but always comes back.
This "cassowary" looks like Britney :D lol
The falls looks like pics of Calendars. My sister has better pics from there.
I wish I had more time to take more pics,, but I 'm going there just next month . :(

The friends from instructables are always welcome here .
Please be my guest ; ) !

Puzzledd (author)mary candy2011-05-18

I think your fowl must be a cassowary- they are such unusual looking birds. Is it quite tall? I wonder where it came from. It's a long way from New Guinea or Australia to Brazil!

I can't believe you have a crocodile and monkeys in your garden, too! We have kangaroos, kookaburras and lovely parrots, and we think we are very lucky.

We have 24 acres, but nowhere near as spectacular as your garden!! This is the bottom of our garden. If you come to Australia, you should come and visit :)

mary candy (author)Puzzledd2011-05-18

I'm wondering too, how it came here. The monkeys live into the forest, but they come closer. Sometimes come more than 2. We call them Ichty and Scraty because normally come 2. How I said , they are no pets ;) The crocodile
lives in captivity , because we decide to keep him . I don't have a other place for him. These species are very common here. I don't know, but until now I did not think our garden were so amazing. Maybe it surprises you, because it is a different country. The same way I wonder with the Kangaroos you can see on your yard.
Sure , one day I'll go to Australia.
You are also invited to visit and understand my garden: D

Puzzledd (author)mary candy2011-05-18

I guess if you have any kind of wild animal visiting, you are very lucky (except for the mice - too many of them!) ...and the spiders ... and the possums that thunder across our roof at night.

I love to take photos of all the different birds, butterflies and anything else I can find in the garden - even the spiders;)

mary candy (author)Puzzledd2011-05-19

There are many Owls , I've seen some during the day but never got a cool pic.
When I was a child, there was many Otters there, now rarely appears some.
They came to fish. I've also seen foxes and skunks, because we had Chickens.
Now I don't see it anymore.
Once my dad got a mice on the trap, I became so sad I took the mice still alive and wanted to take care of him. I made a little bed and wanted to bring some milk. But my dad found it and threw it away. I was a child of course, and couldn't understand, how many diseases that can bring :D
Once my father shot a fox, it was in the yard around the coop and the chickens were making to much noise at night. It was for me the worst day ever.
I'll start to take more pics even of the insects.
I've seen a once a cobweb so big , I think it was almost 1 meter. and was covered in dew drops. I have no pics of :{

Hey I din't see the pics of your garden.. share us them ;)

mary candy (author)mary candy2011-05-18

Man ! I'm learning a lot now about this fowl..
I think I have something special there.
Because here I read
"Cassowaries have a reputation for being dangerous to people and domestic animals."
I never did see it happen.
I think it is always a little afraid and shy. This pic I have, is the only one that I got a little closer. I don't want to pet him, just want to see it always there.
But now I have a doubt, how did it come from so far?

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