Finger food.  Here is an easy way to make delicious digits.  You could put it on a stick...

Everyone likes a little something extra in their fried food besides excess calories.

Note: Not Vegan or closely vegetarian, look here instead.

Step 1: Down Home Cookin...

You need a few things:

Any kind of hot dogs.  The good ones with real skin casings are preferable.

Corn muffin mix.  You can prepare it from your favorite family recipe that has been passed down through generations or else rummage through the pantry.  I found some all-in-one pancake mix and some coarse cornmeal that I use to dust pizza bottoms.

A frying instrument.  I use a cast iron pan(it's some kind of heavy thick black steel or iron alloy) and canola oil - use an oil with a high temperature resistance or smoking point for good frying.

CAUTION: Know how to use knives safely and frying with hot oil can be dangerous.  Baking this would not yield the greasy goodness.
<p>Man?</p><p>Looks more Jewish or Muhamedian...this was no IN- but a CIRCUMcision!</p><p>:-P</p>
<p>Innies or outies and everything in between. It's what makes the world go round.</p>
<p>Just do me a favour...no ketchup!</p><p>This gives me freudian phobia.</p><p>But mayonnaise can be left for individual choice.</p><p>:-)</p>
<p>What are these fried male organs. Dont look good ! It will surely upset my stomach if served(to me atleast).</p>
<p>Something, something, fried nuts, something...</p>
I thought it had the word &quot;Man&quot; in the name because they look like something else, that only men have, and it starts with the letter p and ends with the letter s. Or maybe I'm a pervert, but I think many people looking at this would think of the same thing.<br>LOL! :)<br><br>-J.R.
Wow looks like a pen is!
I like the idea of &quot;finger food&quot; but I could never eat these as they look in your pictures. Its just too disturbing which makes it perfect for Halloween. Or maybe a bachelorette party?
Look lik cock tail weenies <br>
This is great! Although it took me a bit of reading to realize that these are intended to be *fingers*... fingers. Definitely fingers. Not anything else. Fingers. Yeah.
bahaha same here
Yeah me too....
Oh. I see the title was also a reference that I just now got. CaitlinsDad, you sneaky comedian.
Oh. Those are fingers. Whew. <br><br>Yet another &quot;What the hell am I eating&quot; Ible'! Keep up the good work!
Question...what is the best way to go about eating one? You should show us with a picture! Hahaha. Ok I'll stop now....or will I? .....
I dunno, I guess you shouldn't be afraid of it and don't choke on a weiner?
That's not what I was thinking...but okay...
LOL! I guess I should keep my mind out of the gutter! I'm not fallen for it especially with your title. ;) I'll play along though!!!

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