Picture of Man Cave

I moved into my wifes mothers house, and the garage was full of old stuff collected over the years, so i decided to turn it into my own Man Cave !

Step 1: Cleaning

Picture of Cleaning

First I had to take everything out, and throw away the old stuff that wasnt needed, this took about 3 days ....
tim_n4 years ago
Great minds think alike... Mine is also called the man cave :)


Bigger screen though....
wait, you have a "MAN" cave in your wife's mother's house??
Ya, that was my first thought as well...

Please explain.

Otherwise, congrats on all the hard work you put in.

Cheers !!
i think what happened was that his mother in law moved and he moved into her old house.
I want to take all the stuff out from one wall of my garage and put up a wall and ceiling there. I think there is a small black berry bush on the other side holding what is there, up.
gafisher5 years ago
Just be sure to unplug the garage door opener. (-:
Topcat20215 years ago
Good Job on the conversion, may your hard work pay off for you.