Picture of Man Make Spoon
Materials: Block of wood
Hand chisel
Vice grips
Two handed shaver
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Step 1:

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First choose your type of wood. If you’re a beginner go with a cheaper softer wood like pine. If you want to make a really nice spoon choose a good hard wood like maple.

Step 2:

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Second choose your type of spoon, There are two options either just a stirring spoon or a scooping spoon like a ladle.

Step 3:

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Then cut out an 8 inch piece of wood.

Step 4:

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Next trace an outline of the spoon you want onto the block of wood.

Step 5:

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Then use the bansaw to cut out the head of the spoon.

Step 6:

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Vice grips are necessary to hold down the wood.

Step 7:

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Use a small hand chisel to start scraping out the head

Step 8:

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When starting with the chisel make one deep groove to mark how deep you will chisel the rest.
Make sure you go with the grain as to not wreck the texture of the spoon.
Also make sure you’re not going to close to the edge or you will blow out the side.

Step 9:

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When you are done making the spoon head return to the bansaw and cut out the rest which should be the handle.

Step 10:

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Then you will use the two handed shaver to start thinning the handle to a good round shape

Step 11:

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Once your done shaving the handle use fine grit sand paper and sand the whole thing down to your liking, then your done!