Step 4:

Next trace an outline of the spoon you want onto the block of wood.
Thank you, you did a great job explaining your process.<br>Very well done!
Call those tools whatever you like, you're good at this.
you mean spokeshave?
Awesome! Though, a more specific name for your &quot;hand chisel&quot; is a gouge.
Another name for the tool you refer to as a two handled shaver is spoke shave. <br> <br>One time at Scout camp I needed a spoon and fork (I had forgotten to bring them) so I picked up some used boards similar to what you are using and carved them out with an old pocket knife. I am glad to see a young person such as yourself learning to do it in the shop so that you learn to make a good quality piece. Mine are rough at best. <br> <br>Keep up the good work! <br>
Nice! .... do you have a picture of the finished product?<br>

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