Introduction: Mana Mocktail

So, after a long day of battling Azeroth's numerous enemies, all you want to do is relax, right? Just find an inn, sit down, take a load off your feet, and chill with your friends. You could drink a plain draught of bitter cactus cider or some Silvermoon wine or something, but those are fairly boring. To make the time even more exciting, you could drink this special Mana Mocktail. It even refills your mana as you relax and have fun. And its pretty unusual too, with a wild hibiscus flower floating in it.

Step 1: Ingredients

For this drink, you need just a few things:

1 Bottle of Mana Potion          }
                                                    }   > Both of these can be bought at ThinkGeek
Edible Wild Hibiscus Flower }
5-hour energy shot
Lemon-lime soda
A couple cubes of ice (optional)
Blue-raspberry flavored gelatin

Any glass of your choice

Step 2: Mix It!

All you need to do is put the soda, a small spoonful of the gelatin, about a half teaspoon of the 5-hour energy (dont want to be bouncing off the walls now), and mana potion into a container of some sort (make sure it has a lid!), and shake it. That's it, nothing special to it. After a minute or so, just strain the lumps of gelatin out of the mixture, and pour it into your glass. You can add some sugar crystals to the top for extra texture, but it is not necessary.

Step 3: Finish It Up

To finish this drink up, take one of the hibiscus flowers out of the jar, and just plop it into the middle of the drink. It should sink to the bottom and open up somewhat quickly. Now, if the drink is not cold enough for you, you can stick it in the fridge for a couple minutes. The gelatin in the drink will thicken it slightly, so it will be a little thicker than youre probably used to.

To make this alcoholic, just add any alcohol of your choice to it, simple as that.

Step 4: Ok, Now Learn From Me...

Ok, so this is exactly how I did the drink, which I found afterwards to not work well. THis is how you SHOULD do it:

WIth the gelatin, either:
     1. Dissolve it in hot water first, then cool it off and add it, or
     2. Add it as normal, but strain the liquid VERY well.
     If you dont do this with the gelatin, you will have a lot of little clumps floating around in it, which will give it a very weird texture. If you want that texture, then by all means, do it just as I did.

With the hibiscus flower, you should add the flower BEFORE the liquid. Just pop the flower in the center of the glass, and add a little of the syrup as well, and then pour in the liquid on top of it. Trust me, it will look a lot better.

If you want the drink a little lighter in color, either add not as much of the mana, or add more of the soda.


Frederbee made it! (author)2012-05-03

This sounds awesome, but I'm curious; What purpose does the gelatin serve? Is it just to flavour the drink? Can I use flavour syrup instead? I want to make my first one your way before I start playing.

TechNerd1012 made it! (author)TechNerd10122012-05-05


TechNerd1012 made it! (author)TechNerd10122012-05-05

To be honest, Im not totally sure what my reasoning was back then. I believe its purpose was for color and flavor. Feel free to try using the syrup! It might work even better!

Since going through baking school and getting much more experience, I plan on remaking this recipe, see if I can improve it.

stupidstickanimations made it! (author)2010-06-15

you do know that the mana potions are also an ergy drink dont you?

baneat made it! (author)baneat2010-06-26

Do you also know that the author put barely enough caffeine in it to agitate a mouse?


um they used the whole mana potion thats 2 redbulls worth...

Frederbee made it! (author)Frederbee2012-05-03

Actually, I'm a big fan of the manas, because there's almost no caffeine whatsoever. What gets you hyper in these are all the B-Vitamins, which yours system flushes naturally, leaving you only with a need to pee after a while n.n

TFElite made it! (author)TFElite2010-12-08

That doesn't mean that there's a lot of caffeine...


It just seemed odd to me to be adding more caffeine when theres already a fair amount in it

TechNerd1012 made it! (author)TechNerd10122010-06-16


runfromnuke made it! (author)2010-07-30

Hmmm...what about absinthe?

Jodex made it! (author)Jodex2011-02-05

Absinthe would make this as a cocktail, not a mocktail.

Iridium7 made it! (author)2010-08-18

I tried mana energy and I thought it tasted like cough medicine. Does the soda do anything to help the taste?

SirBrittanicvs made it! (author)2010-01-20

I'm a Scotch man myself, would that go well in this? :p

TechNerd1012 made it! (author)TechNerd10122010-01-21

I have no idea. It might or might not, never hurts to try

Shindou made it! (author)Shindou2010-07-06

Yes it does, you ruin a perfectly wonderful single malt scotch by trying things....THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!! Other than that, sounds like an interesting drink.

WhoTookMudshark made it! (author)WhoTookMudshark2010-01-22

If you mix anything with Scotch you are completely missing the point of Scotch!

(Although water and ice are acceptable)

SirBrittanicvs made it! (author)SirBrittanicvs2010-01-23

Haha, I was kidding. That would be AWFUL with scotch.

nightninja87 made it! (author)2010-03-01

wouldnt adding the gelatin first to the soda cause of the carbonation and the acid help dissolve the gelatin some

TechNerd1012 made it! (author)TechNerd10122010-03-01

possibly, I didnt think of that, didnt do that
youre welcome to try it that way :)

dungeon runner made it! (author)2010-01-27

A Mocktail with a +15 Mana boost! Awesome!

Great job on the instructable.

Mechanical Advantage made it! (author)2010-01-21

Why the gelatin?  Just to thicken it up, or more for flavor?

TechNerd1012 made it! (author)TechNerd10122010-01-22


TechNerd1012 made it! (author)2010-01-19

Thank you to all my voters out there to help this instructable be a runner-up in the Cocktails vs. Mocktails contest! 

necropolian made it! (author)2010-01-09

I can't help thinking of Romulan beer... great job!

thanrose made it! (author)2009-12-24

The hibiscus flower in this drink is commonly called roselle. It's Hibiscus sabdariffa, a tropical plant with tart, fleshy, red calyces that are used for refreshing drinks. It is notHibiscus rosa-sinensis, or Hibiscus syriacus, the two most common for US readers. Unless you're an okra eater, yet another hibiscus.

Please don't think you can just go out in the yard to pluck some hibiscus flowers. They won't act the same, and definitely won't taste the same. Even if you have the right tropical plant, those pretty red calyces are very tart without poaching in a sugar syrup.

Pretty mocktail. The gelatin is a nice touch for both color and "legs" or body.

cookie_chris made it! (author)cookie_chris2009-12-25

In Trinidad we call the roselle sorrel

Klect960 made it! (author)2009-12-11

The flowers make it taste kinda weird so not sure I would put them in I mean they look nice but they do alter the taste and make it somewhat worse for me

osgeld made it! (author)osgeld2009-12-13

I am having difficulty imagining how the flower tastes

polyspace made it! (author)polyspace2009-12-24

It's a bit like cranberry juice.  Mexicans call the Hibiscus tea "Jamaica" (pronounced hemaika),  I like it slightly tart myself so I don't put as much sugar in it.  To make, steep a handfull (scientifically measured) of Hibiscus calyxes (found in Mexican stores) in a glass of hot water to desired strength.  It should be a burgundy colour.  Strain flowers and add sugar to taste - a bit like coolaid!  Serve hot or cold and enjoy!

Tobita made it! (author)Tobita2009-12-13

I've had tea made of them, it tastes sour somewhat and has a taste of artificial berries (kinda) it's really good, try it if you have the chance!

osgeld made it! (author)osgeld2009-12-14

I will if i get the chance, I am not afraid to try new foods (and only rarely am I afraid to try them for a second time)

joemonkey made it! (author)joemonkey2009-12-16

XD dude i practically live by what you just said! Sushi, insects, everything, ill try it! the mocktail looks delicious too by the way!

osgeld made it! (author)osgeld2009-12-17

Lol, I havent tried insects yet (well, that I am aware of) but if the opportunity presents itself why not

Silence made it! (author)Silence2009-12-17

I've heard that artificial coloring in some yogurts is made from insects :P

TechNerd1012 made it! (author)TechNerd10122009-12-18

some red food dyes are made by crushing up some of a certain kind of ant (dont ask me which, I cant remember)

osgeld made it! (author)osgeld2009-12-18

google spat up this article

kinda interesting

TechNerd1012 made it! (author)TechNerd10122009-12-18

To me, it tastes sorta like raspberries

corey_caffeine made it! (author)2009-12-16

watch out with those flowers! have you ever read the odyssey?

SewWhat!! made it! (author)SewWhat!!2009-12-20

We just finished reading it in my English class a while back and my group had to do a presentation on the Lotus eaters! Never take flowers from stangers.... lol

Nudo64 made it! (author)2009-12-19

 this is already a $12+ drink lol

voltan made it! (author)2009-12-18

I'm looking forward to trying this at my next video game night with the guys!

robotguy4 made it! (author)2009-12-18


xana made it! (author)2009-12-17

wow that is so cool i want to make it.

Ward_Nox made it! (author)2009-12-12

now you got me thinking of coming up with a energy drink moctail that dosn't require OTC energy concentrates as it's base (now that i know the active ingredient is Vitamin B i can work something out

kmc512 made it! (author)2009-12-12

I would put some kind of warning in here about the amount of vitamin B in this "mocktail". While this is a cool idea, caffeine is not what's packing the punch in this drink, as the comment below me suggests. The bottled Mana potion in this instructable has over 6000% of your daily vitamin B, and 5 hour energy has about the same. That amount can have some serious consequences for people with heart murmurs or other conditions. There's a reason you have to be over 18 to buy that stuff in some places.

Otherwise: neat idea, good instructable :)

zidakano made it! (author)2009-12-12

both the mana and 5hour are concentrated energy drinks they are like syrup and pack more punch than they should. But the mana/health drinks rely more on other ingreadiants than just caffeine to give energy as does the 5 hour if I'm not mistaken. The energy from caffeine is short anyway and most of us who have been "good" friends with it don't even notice it anymore.

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