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Introduction: Mana Pizza

Some people call food bank food "mana". So, this is my Mana Pizza. All goods scored from my local St. Vincent De Paul and thank them I do, very much.

Step 1: "Government" Pizza

As they say, "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade," BUT in this case I came up on some PIZZA!

Do you remember the old term, "government cheese"? Giving to a little assumption, this serrated frozen pizza shingle is about the same in equivalent form BUT, with a little imagination it can be turned into just about any pizza you can wrap your mind around.

Step 2: The Goods: 1st Pizza

Using mini sweet peppers and goat & sheep's milk cheese with paprika, I prepped, topped, and baked a fine vegetarian pizza. At this they balked, at a vegetarian pizza BUT I reassured my roommates they where eating goat & sheep's cheese. At this point, it was too delicious and partially consumed to further anymore complaints. lol

Step 3: The Goods: 2nd Pizza

Using BBQ Pulled Pork* and the same cheese again I made a knock down BBQ pizza and have since been asked to make it again. Fortunately, I stuck some in the freezer and I have my sights set on some Chicken Curry that was diligently brought from St Vincent De Paul. Sounds like pizza again and likely no complaints.

*YES, that is a dog bowl I purchased at the $.99 store and NOBODY uses it. The other bowls are the ones people have given me because I eat out of a dog bowl. lol



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